Tampa Floods Lead to Thousands of Car and Home Damage Claims

Floods are the most common natural disaster in the United States and can happen anywhere at any time. The constant rain Tampa Bay experienced during the past few days (or is it weeks?) has lead to a record number of flood-based and water damage claims for motor vehicles and homes. It is estimated that half a billion dollars of losses have been claimed as a result of the recent floods. Entire towns, such as Elfers,Fla., were evacuated, and many roads [...]

Fulgencio Law files lawsuit against Busch Gardens Theme Park on behalf of man who lost part of his finger (amputation) on Serengeti Safari Ride

On December 12, 2014, our client was enjoying Busch Gardens’ Serengeti Sarafi open-air ride. When the driver of the vehicle improperly negotiated a turn, the vehicle struck a 7-foot eucalyptus pole, crushing and severing a part of our client’s left ring finger. As a result of the accident, our client has suffered debilitating, permanent injuries. His young daughter was a witness to the accident, and remains psychologically affected by the traumatic incident. Unfortunately, despite the seriousness of the [...]

Fulgencio Law files first state court lawsuit in Florida against Lumber Liquidators

On June 23, 2015, Fulgencio Law, PLLC attorneys Bethany Wharrie and Felipe Fulgencio filed the first state court laswsuit in Florida against Lumber Liquidators for the unsafe levels of formaldehyde found in its flooring. Fulgencio Law represents a family who purchased Lumber Liquidators’ flooring from one of Lumber Liquidators’ Hillsborough County stores. After the family had the flooring installed in their home, the family’s youngest member, a two year old child, developed signs and symptoms of formaldehyde exposure including sore [...]

Fulgencio Law files suit against large Organic Food Company

Fulgencio Law has filed a lawsuit against one of the country’s largest organic food companies. But the company is not the only defendant in the case. Often, food sold under a brand name is not actually made by that company. Rather, the company “holds” the recipe, and contracts the manufacturing out to another company. That’s what happened here. In Florida, however, both companies will share liability for the damages caused by the product. Both companies were sued after a child was [...]

BP Oil Spill Claim Payments to Resume

Courts Decide Not Delay Payments to Deserving Businesses Any Further The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals today issued a mandate vacating the injunction that imposed a Stay on claim payments back on October 3, 2013, and District Court Judge Barbier followed-up with an Order directing the Claims Administrator to resume payments.  This came only one day after BP’s motion to keep the Stay in place was denied by the Fifth Circuit Court. In a short response, the Fifth Circuit issued this mandate:  [...]

There Is Still Time to File your BP Claim

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals denied BP’s Hail May request for its previously denied appeals to be reheard by the entire panel of appellate judges, leaving BP with possibly no further legal options to avoid paying the economic damages caused by the spill.  As per a prior Order by the Court, now that the issue is resolved, claim payments are expected to resume in short order as the Stay is lifted.  8 of the panel’s 13 judges voted [...]

Fulgencio Law Secures Settlement in Food Poisoning Case

Fulgencio Law secured a confidential settlement for our client who fell ill after consuming Defendant’s applesauce. The tests showed that mold was present in the applesauce, but the Defendant never made an offer of settlement until after our office filed a lawsuit on behalf of our client. It was only after a lawsuit was filed that the defendant realized our claims had legal bite, and that we were willing to pursue the case in court. Soon after the complaint was filed [...]

Federal Court Grants Summary Judgment on Sinkhole Loss Claim

Liberty Mutual Insurance put up a fight but Federal Judge Elizabeth Kovachevich granted our motion for summary judgment today. Several attorneys and law firms were responsible for representing the plaintiffs. That is not uncommon, especially since insurance companies often also employ the same strategy and hire a number of attorneys and law firms to ensure that they can avoid paying out claims. The full text of the Order can be found here: Order Granting Pf’s MSJ. In the end, the Court, [...]

GM Recalls 1.5 Million Vehicles

In the past month alone, GM has issued a recall for over 1.6 million of its vehicles, claiming defects in the ignition system. Now, GM announces it will recall 1.5 million more. The ignition system defect has been linked to at least 12 fatal car accidents. Nevertheless, GM has waited nearly a decade to issue the recall. As a result of this recall and the underlying safety issues, Congress will hold hearings on the matter, and GM will likely face [...]

Fulgencio Law Secures Verdict For Client In Illegal Towing Case

On March 10, 2014, Hillsborough County Judge Gaston Fernandez entered Final Judgment awarding damages and attorneys’ fees in the amount of $10,981.00 in favor of Fulgencio Law’s client, Anthony Buccellato and against Defendant, East Ritchey Square Center, Inc. for East Richey’s failure to comply with the notice requirements in Florida’s towing statute, §715.07. Because the Defendant failed to comply with the statute, it became an illegal towing case. Fulgencio Law filed a lawsuit, and the case proceeded to trial. After [...]