Client Reviews

Mr. Fulgencio is a caring, knowledgeable attorney

Mr. Fulgencio helped me in reviewing contracts for my new business in the Orlando area. even though he is in Tampa, he was very quick to respond to my requests and always available to answer my questions.

I would not hesitate to recmmend him or his services again.

- Contracts Client

A gem

I had a non-time consuming but important legal need for my new business. Mr. Fulgencio’s communication was quick, charismatic, and ultimately, professionally thorough. His fees were reasonable and his turnaround was super quick too. Nothing but praise.

- Steve

Michael, a Personal Injury client

From the moment I contacted Felipe he become actively involved in my case. I sent him the information needed and he immediately pursued the case and contacted the other party. He keep me fully informed and was always available, many times immediately but certainly well within reason to talk to or respond to my emails. As an example, I sent him an email on a Sunday hoping to get an answer on Monday morning. Instead I received a response within an hour. He also provides you with honest answers.

As the retired Director of a state taxation bureau, I’ve worked with lawyers over my career (37 years.) I feel Felipe is one of the most trustworthy and honest and hard working lawyers I have ever had the pleasure to work with and represent me.

I would highly recommend him.

- Michael

Willing to take on a difficult case

I am an attorney who was involved in two auto accidents within two months, neither of which was my fault. I shared my problem with Felipe that my attorney had dropped the ball and left my case languishing for a period of years which really put the previous attorneys I consulted “behind the eight ball.” After being turned down by a number of prominent attorneys, Felipe was kind enough after reviewing the facts to take my case. Although we had additional issues that made my case difficult for him, he handled the case with great care, exhibited great expertise and arrived at outstanding results.

Although I am sure he would tire of taking everyone’s difficult case, Felipe was willing to take the case when others would not. He kept me constantly apprised of my situation and did a yeoman’s job. Many attorneys will not mess with fellow attorney’s cases for fear of being “second-guessed,” but Felipe had no fear of that issue as well. I have since sent two (2) other clients of mine his way and he has handled them both with dignity and grace. You would do well to consider Felipe for your personal injury case.

- Jim

Felipe Fulgencio Is A Marvelous Attorney

I was referred to Felipe by a Florida lisensure board in a malpractice situation. He provided me with a free consultation and expeditiously handled the case while, where appropriate, keeping me abreat of all recent findings. This guy knows the law! A collections agency was harassing me for unfinished work in a medical case and I was awarded a check by the agency. I was so happy to have him as my attorney that I bought him Chipotle for lunch one day. Great attorney and highly recommended.

- David

Extremely Quick Results

I contacted Felipe on a referral from an attorney I was working on with another matter. It has turned out to be one of the best recommendations I have ever received. Upon my initial contact with Felipe, he immediately started working on my case. He advised me of what actions he was going to take depending on the response he received and how much his fee would be. He was extremely professional, he kept me totally informed and he did exactly as he said he would do. On both occasions debts I was unable to collect from my clients in months, Felipe collected the debt within days and sent me the proceeds immediately after the payments cleared. I would highly recommend him.

- Jim

Excellent lawyer

I’m very happy for your professional services rendered. Your time and effort along with your passion and diligence in case led me to a successful end result. Your dedication, concern and interest in the case were much appreciated. In short, you won my heartiest recommendation.

- Robert