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Residents of Florida are not unfamiliar with extreme weather. Tornados, hurricanes and other storms ravage the area several times annually. Insurance companies who are serving Florida counties of Hillsboro and Pinellas know after one of these weather events that claims will rise. Unfortunately for many residents of Sarasota, Manatee, Pasco and Polk as well as HIllsborough and Pinellas, insurance companies are trying to minimize their losses and may reject your claim.

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Property damage as a result of severe weather takes on many forms. Your insurance company may claim they are not responsible since weather events are “an act of God”. However, many homeowners give up rather than fight when their property is damaged as the result of:

  • Wind/Lightening – hurricanes often result in damage to the home caused by wind and lightening. While some damage may be minor, fires on roofs, shingle damage and a whole host of other issues may occur. Regardless of what type of wind and lightening damage your home or commercial facility may have suffered, a Tampa Bay Area property and insurance claims attorney may be able to help you collect on your claim
  • Mold/Mildew claims – one of the more overlooked aspects of severe storms that result in flooding is the mold and mildew that may occur from the water damage. Businesses and homeowners are often left to deal with thousands of dollars in cleanup costs to remove toxic mold and mildew. While your insurer may balk at the idea of paying this type of claim, since it is a direct result of the storm, you may be entitled to payment under your property insurance
  • Sinkhole damage – properties that were built on unstable ground may suffer damage to foundations. This damage may be minor such as cracking but can also be more serious and result in collapsing of a home or business, flooding due to water draining in through cracks, etc. In order to get an insurer to honor your claim, you may need the help of a property and insurance claims attorney

At Fulgencio Law, we are committed to helping property owners get the money they are entitled to for their claims. We understand you have been paying insurance premiums for just this type of incident and we’ll do whatever is needed to make sure the insurance company lives up to their end of your contract.