Sinkhole / Property Damage Attorney

Sinkhole damage is a common ocurrence in several counties across Florida.

If you filed a claim and the insurer has denied the existence of a sinkhole, do not give up. Call our office for a free consultation, speak with a sinkhole attorney, and we can explain the process of having a sinkhole denial turn into a confirmed sinkhole. Our firm will usually accomplish this by employing expert engineering firms who peer-review the investigation made by the insurance company and its expert engineer. If we are not successful in a recovery, you pay absolutely nothing.

If you think your place of residence or commercial business might have sinkhole damage, Fulgencio Law will fight for your rights with your Home Owner’s Insurance or Commercial Insurance.

If you have noticed cracks, wall separation, windows and doors jamming, physical depression or holes in your yard, or sinking/slanting of fences or trees, there is a chance a sinkhole has formed underneath your property.

Fulgencio Law can file a claim with your insurance carrier from day one and ensure you receive a fair settlement offer and if you do not, we can take your case to trial.

If you have already filed a claim, the insurer has confirmed a sinkhole, and you want to ensure the settlement offer is a fair one, or if you have already received a settlement offer which you do not think is fair, we can negotiate directly with the insurance company on your behalf and ensure you are treated fairly and receive the benefit of the bargain you paid for – your insurance premiums.