What Happens if You Accept a Low Settlement Offer?

What Happens if You Accept a Low Settlement Offer?

There are several types of damages a person can suffer during an injury accident. Medical expenses, property damages, and lost wages are just a few examples. When word gets to an insurance adjuster that an injury accident has taken place, the adjuster may rapidly reach out to victims to see what information they can get and find ways to reduce any financial liability for their company. 

With the rush of adrenaline and the shock that can come after certain injury events, victims may not be able to think straight or clearly. As a result, what they say and what they do may actually hurt their ability to secure a fair settlement for their damages. For example, an insurance adjuster may offer a financial settlement fairly soon after an accident and if a victim accepts it and signs off on it, they may be taking a settlement amount that does not fully account for all of their damages. 

Have Your Case Reviewed by an Attorney

What Happens if You Accept a Low Settlement OfferCar accidents are very common injury incidents that take place and can cause severe injuries and death to victims. There were 252,562 injuries from car accidents in Florida in 2021 alone, and also that year, 3,707 deaths. In these cases, insurance adjusters are known to pounce and try to close claims as soon as possible. It is easy for a victim to be unaware of what the real value of their claim is and when presented with a settlement take it without another thought.

This is so until they realize that the cost of their damages is much more than the financial compensation they received from the insurance company. It can be a terribly distressing situation to have bills pile up after settlement money runs out. It is highly unlikely that the insurance company will be receptive to re-opening your case to provide you with additional funds for damages that were not covered in the initial settlement.

After a car accident or other injury event, it may be possible to obtain compensation. However, it is critical to get the most possible to cover all of the injuries you suffered. You do not want to find yourself in a situation where the costs of your damages exceed your settlement and are too high for you to pay out of pocket. 

The experienced Tampa car accident injury attorneys at Fulgencio Law know how to properly evaluate an injury claim and assess its value accounting for both current and future damages. Fulgencio Law’s talented attorneys can help you protect your rights and interests.

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After an injury accident, it is a good idea to meet with an attorney and obtain advice on your legal options. Securing fair and full compensation is necessary for any victim but especially for those that have suffered severe injuries and harm. To learn more about filing a personal injury claim in Florida, please call Fulgencio Law today to speak with a talented Tampa civil litigation attorney at (813) 463-0123. 

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