Can You Record Someone After a Florida Car Accident

Can You Record Someone After a Florida Car Accident?

Have you ever called a business and before you speak to anyone you hear a recording saying that your phone call may be recorded for training and/or quality purposes? After a car accident, if you called your insurance company, something like this may be exactly what you hear, and there is a purposeful reason why. Insurance companies can not record what you say if you do not know that they are recording you. So, by adding this automated message [...]

How Long Do Florida Slip and Fall Claims Take to Settle?

How Long Do Florida Slip and Fall Claims Take to Settle?

When an injury accident or wrongful death incident takes place, and victims decide to pursue civil litigation to obtain financial compensation for their losses, there are some common questions that come up no matter the situation. One of these has to do with time. How long will it take to resolve the claim and get the settlement money necessary to pay for all of the damages? This is a good question because while the claim’s process is working itself [...]

What Are the Costs of a Funeral

Can Funeral Costs Be Recovered in a Wrongful Death Claim?

The cost to host a funeral for a deceased loved one can range depending on how the deceased is processed, what services are added to the program, and where the service happens. In general, when looking at pricing across the country, an individual that chooses to be buried and has a vault will pay just under $9,000. By contrast, those that would prefer to be cremated with a funeral can be looking at more than $6,000. If you lost a [...]

What are Your Rights When Your Car Was Illegally Towed in Florida?

What are Your Rights When Your Car Was Illegally Towed in Florida?

You park your car at a specific location and after you are done running errands you come back to that location and your car is gone. Was it stolen or was it towed? You do not know where your car is but it is certainly not where you left it. After finding out your car was towed you may be confused because you did not violate any parking rules.  It could be possible that your car was illegally towed, and [...]

Why Negotiation in Personal Injury Claims Matter

Why Negotiation in Personal Injury Claims Matters

After an injury accident where negligence played a part, victims that suffer damages such as injuries that required medical treatment, property damages, lost wages from the inability to work, and more all have a dollar value that can be assessed for those losses. If you were hurt by another person as a result of their careless behavior you may have a case to make against them for compensation. You are under no obligation to use an attorney when you determine [...]

What Does it Mean When the Traffic Light Turns Red

What Does it Mean When the Traffic Light Turns Red?

What does a red light mean? This may seem like a straightforward question, but when looking at car crash statistics, perhaps, not so much. Even though one of the most basic instructions and things that one learns when they are studying and practicing for their driver’s license is that when the light turns red the car should come to a stop, many drivers seem to be oblivious to this fact. As a result, drivers run red lights all of [...]

Florida Bicycle Helmet Laws

Florida Bicycle Helmet Laws

Florida’s warm climate makes it ideal to get outdoors and enjoy leisurely activities in the fresh air. Bike riding is a great way to get exercise, travel from one location to the next, and simply enjoy. The use of a helmet is highly recommended because of the level of devastation and serious injury to the head that can result should a crash happen. Florida, like many other states across the nation, has its own laws when it comes to [...]

Three Reasons Why Truck Accidents are Catastrophic

Three Reasons Why Truck Accidents are Catastrophic

Traffic accidents that involve trucks often have more substantial destruction than accidents that involved passenger vehicles. There are three critical factors that can explain this. When victims in smaller passenger vehicles sustain physical bodily harm from a negligent truck driver, it may be possible to secure compensation by filing a personal injury claim.  In Florida, the Tampa automobile accident attorneys at Fulgencio Law can help victims with their claims. Due to the complicated nature of the claims process when it [...]

Guide to Florida Car Accident Laws

After taking driver’s education, the majority of motorists will never think again about vehicle accident laws until they are involved in a crash. If you are someone who wants to refresh their memory, or if you are a new driver who wants to learn the rules, this short guide will be a helpful tool for understanding Florida’s legal guidelines for car accidents.  Laws for Reporting Section 324.242(2) of Florida’s Statutes states that any car accident with over 500$ of damage must [...]

What is Florida's Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Program

What is Florida’s Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Program?

Brain injuries can have long-term, devastating effects on victims. Sometimes there is the ability to recover and restore a normal life but in many other cases, this is not a possibility. Recovery from a brain injury is different for every person. The location of the injury, the severity of the damage, and the health status of the individual who was harmed will all play a part in determining how effectively a person may be able to heal, if at [...]