Can You Use an Expert Witness in a Florida Car Accident Case?

Can You Use an Expert Witness in a Florida Car Accident Case?

Car accidents are quite prevalent in the United States. In fact, when compared to other industrialized countries, the United States regularly reports some of the highest numbers of car crashes. The rules of how a victim of a car accident can be compensated for their damages vary by state. In Florida, if you are injured in a car accident you would first go to your own insurance to obtain compensation. However, if your damages are substantial and caused by another person’s negligence, you may be able to file a claim against the party that cause your accident which lead to your damages to get the money you need and deserve for the losses you had to endure.

In Tampa, the Tampa personal injury attorneys at Fulgencio Law know how to get results. When victims of injury accidents work with an attorney at Fulgencio Law they will benefit from the many years of experience and track record of success the law firm has in protecting victims’ rights and fighting for the most compensation. You are encouraged to connect with an experienced Tampa car accident attorney at Fulgencio Law when you need competent legal counsel assisting you with your claim.

When are Expert Witnesses Used in Personal Injury Claims?

Can You Use an Expert Witness in a Florida Car Accident CaseIn 2021, there were 400,431 Florida automobile accidents reported in the state. Over 167,704 resulted in injuries. This means that close to half of all crashes reported had injuries. Florida consistently ranks at the top when compared to other states in the nation for the most car accidents reported every year. Filing a Florida personal injury claim gives victims a way to pursue getting the compensation they need to recover their losses.

Sometimes, it is necessary to obtain opinions and feedback from expert witnesses as a part of the personal injury claims process. Whether it be forensic accident analysis, various medical professionals, or another specialized field of study, expert witnesses can be a pivotal part of helping a claim be successful.

However, when it comes to trial, not all evidence may be admissible. When a witness is introduced, they must have the training, experience, education, or skill that makes sense to help the judge or jury better grasp evidence. It is the burden of the side who wants to have a witness show that the individual is qualified to provide testimony. If the court agrees with the argument for a witness, they can be admitted. On the other hand, if the court does not agree, they will not admit a witness to produce testimony.

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The Tampa personal injury lawyers at Fulgencio Law know how to gather the most critical evidence that can boost your claim and help you be successful with your case. If you would like to meet with a Tampa wrongful death attorney at Fulgencio Law, please do not hesitate to call (813) 463-0123 to schedule a free consultation.

The state of Florida recognizes a statute of limitations pertaining to almost all personal injury cases, meaning that you have a limited amount of time to file your claim. Call Fulgencio Law today.

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