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Florida Fall Driving Safety Tips

Accidents That Happen In Bad Weather In Florida

Weather is always a factor no matter where you live. In certain parts of the country weather conditions like ice and snowstorms, or sand storms and mudslides can cause significant hazards for drivers. In Florida, hurricanes with their immense rain, flooding, high winds, and debris make it very dangerous for drivers. It doesn’t take much for a driver to lose control of their car when they are operating their vehicles in inclement weather. Just driving a bit too fast [...]

Who is Liable for My Florida Parking Lot Accident?

Long Term Effects Of Florida Car Accidents

Car accidents are very common in the United States with approximately 6 million occurring each year. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there are more than 30,000 deaths and over 2 million injuries each year from vehicular accidents across the country. Car accidents have a wide spectrum of results. Some will only yield minor damages to personal property and may only have negligible injuries while others are complete devastation. Victims who are involved in very serious [...]