How to Secure Compensation for Pedestrian Accidents in High-Traffic Areas

How to Secure Compensation for Pedestrian Accidents in High-Traffic Areas

Pedestrians have the right to travel without having to fear being in an accident where they are severely harmed. This includes traveling in high-traffic areas. Despite this, there are many ways a pedestrian can be harmed while out and about, and in high-traffic areas, the risks of an accident are increased.

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Florida Pedestrian Accidents

How to Secure Compensation for Pedestrian Accidents in High-Traffic AreasPedestrians are considered anyone who is traveling by foot or with roller skates, or in a wheelchair. It is the responsibility of both pedestrians and drivers to make sure that they don’t do anything that causes an accident. As a result, a pedestrian does not always have the right-of-way in every situation. Where they do it depends on Florida’s right-of-way laws. For instance, pedestrians have the right-of-way in designated crosswalks or when the electronic signals on street lights tell them to go. Outside of a crosswalk in a busy area, when the electronic signal shows stop, then they do not.

Additionally, in most cases, when a sidewalk is present, a pedestrian can legally walk on it. They must not walk on the road, solicit on roadways made for vehicular traffic, or run into oncoming traffic.

Still, there is a greater duty of care for drivers when it comes to accident avoidance. Florida’s traffic safety laws indicate that drivers must always exercise caution to avoid a pedestrian accident. This is specifically true when pedestrians are children or they are disabled.

The Governors Highway Safety Administration reports that pedestrian accidents in Florida are on the rise. As a result, understanding what to do in the aftermath of a Florida pedestrian accident and how to secure compensation is critical. Under Florida’s comparative negligence system, the driver could be completely at fault for an accident, the pedestrian may be at fault, or both parties could have some amount of fault. Usually, a pedestrian can secure some compensation after an accident, even if they violate Florida’s traffic laws, such as jaywalking. Therefore, if you were hurt in a pedestrian accident, then you should seek the advice of an attorney. An attorney can review your case and let you know if you have a claim and what you might be able to secure from it.

Pedestrians can be severely harmed in an accident, especially when they are hit by a car. Some of the most common reasons for vehicle-related pedestrian accidents are that the driver is inebriated, speeding, or distracted. Another major reason for accidents is location. Busier areas with more foot traffic can be more hazardous for pedestrians and put them at increased risk of an accident. It is crucial for both drivers and pedestrians to exercise caution, adhere to traffic regulations, and remain vigilant to ensure the safety of all road users.

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