Role of the Dog Owner After a Dog Bite

Role of the Dog Owner After a Dog Bite

Being bitten by a dog can be a traumatic experience, to say the least. Not only can you experience immense pain or worse from a dog bite, but the terrifying experience can potentially leave you emotionally damaged as well. Small children are especially at risk from dog bites because, depending on the severity of the attack, the results can be fatal. However, you’re not alone when it comes to experiencing this, a huge percentage of Americans are bitten by dogs each and every year. If you, unfortunately, find yourself among this statistic remember these important aspects of your case.

Question The Dog Owner

Immediately question the dog owner about the health condition of their dog. Ask if their dog has had their proper shots and if the dog had been prone to bitting unprovoked. You may want to call animal protective services in the aftermath of your experience because they will be able to give a more precise assessment of the dog’s status. The information gathered about the dog’s behavioral state will be invaluable when attempting to seek legal compensation for your pain and suffering. Remember: all information is useful in the pursuit of your compensation.

Animal Protective Services Can Acquire Key Information About The Dog Owner

In the event that the dog owner refuses to cooperate, animal protective services can obtain key information about the dog on an official capacity. Information, such as the dog’s likelihood to bite others and the complete history of the dog, can be obtained by animal protective services. If possible, interviewing local residents may also be beneficial for your case. Finding out if the dog has a history of chasing local kids or attempting to attack other pedestrians may increase your chances of winning compensation for your pain and suffering. Gathering as much information about the dog owner and their dog should be one of your top priorities when attempting to obtain compensation.

Sometimes The Dog Owner May Not Have Insurance

Role of the Dog Owner After a Dog BiteSometimes, you may find out that the dog owner does not have any insurance, meaning that it would cost you more money than it’s worth to pursue a claim against the dog owner. Although this may sound discouraging, always be willing to pursue the proper compensation that you deserve. You should always seek the legal advice of a Tampa dog bites lawyer in the event that you find yourself the victim of a dog bite. The pain and suffering that you endure from your dog bite deserve to be properly compensated in one form or another.

Tampa Dog Bites Lawyer

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