5 Questions An Attorney Will Use to Determine a Slip & Fall Case

5 Questions An Attorney Will Use to Determine a Slip & Fall Case

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere there are hazards and obstacles on an entity’s property. Property owners have a duty to keep their premises maintained and to address issues when they are present so that others who enter are not injured. If a property owner fails to fix issues with their property or is negligent with the management of their property, and this leads to a person entering into it and falling, the resulting damages that a person suffers are the responsibility of the property owner. Slip and fall injury accidents can inflict substantial harm.

If you were injured by a slip and fall accident in Florida, you may have had to get costly medical treatment and had to take time off of work while you recovered. Your medical expenses and missed wages are just two examples of the damages you may have suffered as a result of your incident. It is possible that, depending on the circumstances of your slip and fall accident, you are able to file a premise liability claim against the property owner for recompense. For more information and to have your case evaluated, call the Tampa slip and fall attorneys at Fulgencio Law today.

How An Attorney Will Evaluate Your Slip and Fall Case

5 Questions An Attorney Will Use to Determine a Slip & Fall CaseIf you are unsure about your rights and if the property owner is liable for your damages after a slip and fall accident, speaking with a premise liability attorney in your area will be beneficial. The value of different premise liability claims can vary. If you have a case to file a claim, your attorney will know how to assess all your damages and determine what a fair settlement would likely look like given your specific circumstances.

In Florida, it is best to improve one’s chances of securing the most compensation that victims work with an attorney. Though, not every slip-and-fall case will merit filing a claim. When your case is not one that would be strong enough to sway a jury to agree that you were harmed by negligence and award you damages it may not be prudent to continue to pursue legal action. 

When a lawyer is evaluating a slip and fall accident they will ask these five questions:

  1. Did a legitimate slip-and-fall accident happen?
  2. Was a person injured as a result of the slip and fall incident?
  3. How substantial were the injuries the victim suffered?
  4. Did the property owner have any responsibility for causing the accident?
  5. Did negligence exist on behalf of the property owner?

If the reoccurring answer to these questions is yes, then it comes down to figuring out what a claim’s fair value would be because filing one would make sense.

Speak with a Florida Premise Liability Attorney Today

You are welcome to come in to speak with an attorney at Fulgencio Law during a free consultation to talk about your slip and fall injury accident. During your consultation, your attorney can discuss your legal options with you including the strength and potential value of your claim. Call Fulgencio Law today at (813) 463-0123.

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