What Questions Should I Ask A Florida Truck Accident Attorney

What Questions Should I Ask a Florida Truck Accident Attorney

An accident involving a tractor-trailer has many differences from an accident involving a standard passenger car or truck. There have been instances where tractor-trailer accident victims have managed to avoid being seriously injured, but the reality of the situation is often much more difficult to bear.  Even when traveling at lower speeds, the mass, weight, and power of a tractor-trailer are able to cause immeasurable damage to a smaller car or truck. An accident involving a tractor-trailer will oftentimes result [...]

Common Causes of Florida Boating Accidents

Alcohol is the Number One Cause of Florida Boating Accidents

As published in the United States Coast Guard’s 2019 Recreational Boating Statistics Report, alcohol is the number one contributing factor in deadly boating accidents in the state of Florida and throughout the United States. Even as the overall rate of fatalities decreased, alcohol remained a leading factor in boating accidents that resulted in the loss of at least one life.  Primary Contributing Factor Although the total number of boat accident fatalities had declined by just over 3% from the year before, [...]

Common Kinds of Medical Malpractice in Florida

Common Kinds of Medical Malpractice in Florida

If you or a member of your family has suffered an injury that was caused by the carelessness of a healthcare provider, you will need the services of a skilled medical malpractice attorney you can rely on. You will not only be dealing with complicated and painful physical issues through no fault of your own, but you will also have to deal with the psychological trauma that so often comes with lengthy rehabilitations and possibly lifelong physical disabilities. Medical malpractice [...]

Factors That Affect Your Florida Personal Injury Timeline

Factors That Affect Your Florida Personal Injury Timeline

Besides wondering how much their case might be worth, plaintiffs who have Tampa personal injury lawsuits are frequently curious as to how long their lawsuit is going to take to reach a resolution. Most clients are not particularly pleased when they are given the popular stock legal answer: That all depends. The statute of limitations on a Florida personal injury claim is four years. After you file, it could take as long as three years before your trial date is [...]

Leading Causes of Florida Motorcycle Accidents

The Effectiveness of Florida’s Partial Helmet Law

Motorcycle accidents have a much higher chance of producing catastrophic results than most other types of vehicle collisions. They frequently cause riders to endure critical and lifelong injuries and are often responsible for the loss of lives. As stated in a report issued by the Governor’s Highway Safety Association, for each vehicle mile traveled in the United States, a motorcycle-related fatality occurs 28 times more frequently than a passenger vehicle-related fatality. Due to this elevated risk, it isn’t at all [...]

How is My Car Accident Settlement Calculated in Florida? 

How Do Truck Drivers Show They are Following FMCSA Rules?

Large commercial trucks pose a very serious threat to other drivers on the road. If a large commercial truck collides with a smaller passenger vehicle it is likely that those held within the smaller passenger vehicle will experience substantial injuries if not death. The risk for catastrophic injuries and death is just much higher for occupants of smaller cars when they are hit by larger commercial trucks due to the immense size and weight of these trucks. One of the [...]

Basic Facts About Workers' Compensation in Florida

 Avoiding Election Day Accidents in Florida

Research that was conducted in 2008 and printed by the Journal of the American Medical Association examined all federal election days from 1976 to 2007. This study revealed that the rate of traffic accidents greatly increases during voting hours on election day. As a matter of fact, approximately 800 additional victims endure critical injuries and an average of 24 additional victims are killed on election day during voting hours when correlated with any other Tuesday in the months of [...]

Most Common Causes of Florida Distracted Driving Accidents

Which Florida Distracted Driving Habits Are the Most Dangerous?

We are a country that likes to multitask. Whether you catch up on your favorite TV show while you are folding the laundry, listen to a podcast while you eat dinner, or practice your presentation for work while you are in the shower, we love to try and accomplish more than one thing at a time.  Multitasking, however, is something that should never be done behind the wheel. While all distracted driving is dangerous and can cause serious car accidents, [...]

Basic Facts About Workers' Compensation in Florida

Can I Receive Compensation for My Florida Car Accident If I Was Unbuckled?

Like most states in our country, Florida has laws that require drivers, front-seat passengers, and backseat passengers under 18 years of age to be fastened into a seat belt whenever the car is in motion. Due to this law, if you sustained injuries during a Tampa car accident and you did not have your seat belt on, you may be wondering whether or not you are still able to seek out financial compensation for your accident-related damages. There are some things [...]

Most Common Causes of Florida Distracted Driving Accidents

Can An Attorney Help My Florida Distracted Driving Case?

Driving while distracted is extremely hazardous and, more often than not, leads to severe and catastrophic injuries or even fatalities during a car accident. If you have recently been injured by a distracted driver in the state of Florida, you might be entitled to seek financial compensation to help you with your hospital bills, lost income due to missing work, and many other accident-related damages as well. Proof of Distracted Driving In the event that your car accident claim is legitimate, [...]