The Role of Insurance Companies in Personal Injury Cases

The Role of Insurance Companies in Personal Injury Cases

If you were injured in an unintentional injury accident, such as a car crash, then you may be able to file a personal injury claim for compensation. Typically, when a personal injury claim is filed, it is filed against an insurance company. Depending on which state the incident took place and what the injury accident was, there are different rules for how one can obtain compensation from an insurance provider. With respect to car accidents, for example, Florida is a no-fault state. That means that after a car accident, a claim must first be filed with the victim’s insurance provider, and only when their injuries are substantial will they have the ability to file a claim against another party’s insurance.

It is important that when you decide to file a personal injury claim, you know the full amount of compensation that you are owed. This can help guide you with settlement negotiations. However, figuring out what a reasonable and complete sum would be based on one’s damages is not always the easiest task. And, unless a victim has experience with strategic negotiations, it can be very difficult to come to a fair agreement with the insurance company. These are two reasons why it is imperative to have an experienced attorney helping you when you file a personal injury claim.

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How Insurance Companies Operate During the Personal Injury Claims Process

The Role of Insurance Companies in Personal Injury CasesAfter your injury accident, and once you have obtained the other party’s insurance information, you can contact the insurance company to start your claim. The insurance company will begin reviewing everything and start an investigation to learn what exactly happened. 

The insurance company will want to speak with you and, in doing so, ask several questions. Be cautious with your communications with the insurance adjuster. The adjuster is likely to sound caring and compassionate for your circumstances, but they are not actually interested in your well-being. Instead, what they want is to have you give them information that can be harmful to your claim. This is a third reason why having an attorney supporting you is critical. An attorney can handle the communications with the adjuster on your behalf and protect your interests.

A fourth reason to have an attorney is that while the insurance company will do an investigation into your accident, your attorney can do their own investigation and collect information to prove your damages and also calculate the value of your claim. 

If the insurance company deems your injuries were the fault of the individual they insure, they are going to offer a settlement for what they think is the appropriate amount for your losses. This initial offer is usually not their best and is as low as possible to see if you accept it. Should you take the offer, then you will sign off on the terms of the agreement and the amount. At this point, your case will be considered closed, and you will obtain your settlement and move on with your life.

However, be warned, if you accept an offer and only find out down the road that it was not enough for your losses, the insurance company is not going to pay you anymore. Once you sign the agreement, they are relieved of liability. 

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