Recent Changes to Florida’s Medical Malpractice Pre-Suit Requirements

The law in Florida requires someone who has a medical negligence, or medical malpractice claim, to conform to very strict rules before filing a lawsuit. These rules to be followed before a lawsuit may be properly filed are commonly referred to as MedMal Pre-Suit. In a nutshell, before a person (or “claimant”, or “plaintiff”) who has been harmed by the negligence of a doctor or dentist a file a lawsuit, notice needs to be given to the doctor and [...]

Who is Really Handling Your Case

A large number of our firm’s clients come to us after having had a previous bad experience with another law firm. The most common complaint a lack of communication from the attorney either in the form of unavailability or lack of call backs or email responses.  When you see an ad on TV for one of those big law firms, you need to know that there is a very small chance the attorney you see will actually be the one [...]