Boating Accidents in Florida: Common Causes and Your Legal Options

Boating Accidents in Florida: Common Causes and Your Legal Options

When thinking about the state of Florida, warmth, sunshine, and beaches often come to mind. Florida has extensive waterways which offer plenty of opportunities to get out and enjoy the water. For boaters, there is no better state to go to than Florida which can explain why Florida has the most registered recreational boaters in the country.

Recreational boating is typically a fun time until an accident happens. Boating accidents can leave individuals seriously injured and injuries can even be fatal. So, while boating is a favored pastime and recreational activity, it is important to remember that risks do exist.

If you were in a boating accident in Florida, having experienced legal counsel assisting you during the claims process can be advantageous. The Tampa boating accident attorneys at Fulgencio Law can help you understand your legal options for obtaining compensation.

How Boating Accidents Happen

Boating Accidents in Florida: Common Causes and Your Legal OptionsUnderstanding the most common ways that boating accidents happen can help you better prepare when you go out for a day on the water.


A cool day of boating with friends and family can be distracting. Leisurely activities can make it difficult to pay attention to your surroundings. Having a conversation, eating food, playing games, or using a phone can make it harder to stay vigilant. As such, it can be very easy to miss debris, swimmers, or even fail to acknowledge a dangerous change in the weather which can all be problematic.


Like anything, practice is necessary to get better. However, before heading out to log some hours, taking a boating safety course can be helpful. Training and practice can make a difference should an emergency arise or for just operating a boat.


It is unlawful to operate a boat intoxicated. It is also incredibly dangerous. Still, accidents frequently happen because the operator of a boat has drugs or alcohol in their system.


There are posted speed restrictions for a reason. It is imperative to abide by them because exceeding them is not only unlawful but will also put you and your passengers at increased risk of an accident.

Reckless Behavior

An irresponsible and reckless boat operator makes the chances of an accident happening much higher.

Equipment Failure

Defective equipment or mechanical failures and malfunction can turn what was supposed to be a great day on the water deadly.

Falling Overboard

Individuals with poor balance or a slip-and-fall accident can lead to passengers falling overboard.

Boating accidents can lead to injuries including drowning, broken bones, head trauma, cuts and lacerations, soft tissue injuries, hypothermia, emotional distress, and burns. When a boating accident happens because of another party’s negligence, individuals who were harmed have a right to take legal action and pursue a claim for compensation.

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