Will Your Personal Injury Suit Be Made Public?

Will Your Personal Injury Suit Be Made Public?

Car accidents can cause serious injuries and death and these incidents happen far too often throughout the United States. In the state of Florida, car accidents happen so often that in 2020, Florida was number three for most deadly car crashes reported only behind Texas and California. That year, there were 3,331 deaths from collisions on the road. Due to the state’s large population that is continually growing, as well as attractive amenities for tourists, there are many vehicles on the road which may be one reason that can explain why there are so many accidents. In 2019, Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reported that there were just under 22 million registered vehicles in Florida.

Victims of car accidents may be able to recoup their losses by filing a car accident claim for financial compensation. In many cases, these legal suits will settle outside of court for a certain determined and agreed-upon amount. When a car accident claim cannot be settled outside of court, a trial will be scheduled and the case will move forward as a lawsuit. After a car accident, victims should speak with a knowledgeable attorney to protect their rights and to improve their chances of securing either a fair settlement or success in the courtroom. 

The Tampa car accident injury attorneys at Fulgencio Law can help victims of car accidents in and around the Tampa Bay area and surrounding counties with car accident claims that obtain the most favorable results.

Are All Legal Suits Public Record?

Will Your Personal Injury Suit Be Made PublicIt is not uncommon for individuals thinking about filing a legal suit or who are actively engaged in one to wonder if the details of their situation will be one of public record. In other words, their proceedings would not be private and anyone in the public could have access to all the details. When it comes to filing a personal injury claim for compensation, keeping things private will largely depend on how your claim works itself out.

The vast majority of car accident claims settle outside of court. When this happens, all of the information surrounding the claim including the settlement amount is typically not made public. 

By contrast, if a claim cannot be settled without litigation in the courtroom, then the details of that suit will become public. So transcripts of what was said, the settlement amount, what injuries were suffered, and more would be information that the public would have access to. 

Having an attorney that knows how to accurately value a car accident claim and skillfully negotiate for true and full compensation can move the legal process forward with more ease. In this way, victims may get the settlement amount they need for their damages and also be able to keep their legal situation private.

Speak with a Car Accident Attorney in Florida

After a car accident, having trusted and experienced legal counsel on your side can make a difference in the outcome of your claim. Whether you obtain a settlement or you have to go to court, the ultimate objective is to obtain the highest amount of compensation possible.

The legal team at Fulgencio Law offers several resources including working relationships with investigators, medical professionals, accident reconstruction experts, and economists to ensure that your claim is valued properly and to put you in the best position to get the settlement you deserve. For more information, please call Fulgencio Law today at (813) 463-0123 to schedule a free case evaluation.

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