Why Insurance Matters in Florida Premise Liability Cases

Why Insurance Matters in Florida Premise Liability Cases

In most situations, when you lawfully step onto another entity’s property, they have a duty of care to ensure the premise is safe so you are not harmed. If they know of a hazard and do not address it to fix the issue, or at least warn those that could be on their property about the issue, and someone is hurt because of it, they can be held liable for paying for the injured party’s damages. Even if they did not actually know about a hazard but it could be reasonably believed that they should have known about a problem and done nothing about it, here too, they may be liable for resulting damages.

Showing that your injuries happened because a property was unsafe and the owners were negligent in their actions to inform you of perils or address them can be a complicated task, but an attorney can help. In Florida, if you bring your slip and fall case to the Tampa premise liability attorneys at Fulgencio Law you can have your accident experience reviewed by an experienced and proficient legal professional. If you have a case it may be both appropriate and necessary to file a claim to recover the costs of your damages.

How Does Insurance Impact a Premise Liability Claim in Florida?

Why Insurance Matters in Florida Premise Liability CasesIn Florida, victims in premise liability situations who are injured can hold the liable parties accountable by filing a claim against them for compensation. Typically, when a claim is filed against a negligent party for their actions, it is the insurance coverage that the individual has which will be paying the victim’s damage costs. In some cases, if the liable party does not have enough insurance or any, for that matter, filing a suit against them is not a worthwhile effort because the funds will simply not be there for you to recover your losses.

For this reason, an important step when considering legal action in a premise liability situation is the absence or amount of insurance that a negligent party has. Many times, though, when it comes to businesses, these establishments tend to have general liability coverage. While a private property, like a homeowner, should have homeowner’s insurance.

If the amount of recompense you deserve is more than the insurance coverage of the liable party, there could be other sources available to account for those overages. Your attorney at Fulgencio Law will know where to look to secure that compensation on your behalf. Any and all potential avenues where financial compensation can be recovered to pay you for the full amount of damages you suffered will be investigated by your attorney.

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Slip and fall accidents happen quite often in retail establishments, in the workplace, and on private property. Victims of these accidents that are injured may be able to file a legal claim for compensation, and in some cases, recovery can be substantial. For more information on how to file a Florida premise liability claim for compensation, please call the Tampa slip and fall attorneys at Fulgencio Law to schedule a free consultation at (813) 463-0123.

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