Why Florida Roads are so Dangerous for Bicyclists

Why Florida Roads are so Dangerous for Bicyclists

During the extremely hot summer months in Florida, bicycle riding can be quite difficult due to the intense heat and humid weather. But as the fall comes and the winter is looming, the temperature and humidity drop enough to make the environment appealing for bicyclists. There are many things, though, that a bicyclist has to think about besides the weather. The most important of which is how to safely travel around the state due to the roads in Florida, which are not exactly ideal for riders.

When a car and a bike collide, the bike and its rider generally suffer the brunt of the harm. Even though you can only control yourself and not the driver of another car, being aware of the vehicles around you, particularly when you ride in high-density areas such as busy cities, is incredibly important. Still, in many cases, it is the driver of a car that causes an accident with a bike.

If you have been hit and injured by a driver, you may be able to recover compensation for your losses. Despite Florida’s no-fault automobile insurance system where it is expected that you first go to your own coverage for compensation, very serious injuries may allow you to sue the driver for your losses. Substantial and debilitating injuries are common for bicyclists hit by automobiles. The Tampa automobile accident injury attorneys at Fulgencio Law know the personal injury laws in the state and can help you determine the right approach for recovering the most compensation for your damages.

Florida Roads are Incapatible with Bicyclists

Why Florida Roads are so Dangerous for BicyclistsFlorida has been listed as the deadliest state for bicyclists when compared to every other state in the nation. Further, it was listed as number three out of the top 10 most dangerous states to ride a bike, according to a clip out of the U.S. News & World Report.

Of all the many reasons why there are so many perils on Florida roads for bicyclists including distracted or impaired drivers, the actual design of Florida roads also plays a major part in why accidents happen.

The roads were never designed to be bicycle-friendly. The same is true for pedestrians who are also at increased risk of being hit and injured by a car. Speed limits are fast across the sunshine state and with insufficient accommodations for bicyclists, such as dedicated bike lanes, there is little room for safe biking. Bicyclists have almost no protection around them when a crash happens, making them vulnerable to suffering physical bodily harm. In addition to this, when a car is driving at a high rate of speed, maximum damage and death can often result for the cyclist. 

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