Who is Liable in After a Florida Car Accident Caused by a Teen Driver?

Who is Liable in After a Florida Car Accident Caused by a Teen Driver?

Driving for a teenager is a sign of independence and can give them a sense of freedom. While parents may be nervous when their teen gets behind the wheel, at least for the first few years of being able to drive solo, the more a teen drives the more experience they get. This can help mold them into safe and proficient drivers. 

Still, anyone can be in an accident, including the most practiced teen driver. Though, teens aged 16-19 are amongst the highest risk group of drivers to experience a crash according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The National Safety Council indicates that car accidents are the leading cause of death for teens. So, making sure teens are engaging in safe driving practices is critical. However, if a teen does get into a car accident in Florida, who is liable for the aftermath?

If you were in an accident or your child was harmed in a crash in Florida, a Tampa car accident attorney at Fulgencio Law can assist you in exploring your options for obtaining financial compensation. Many losses may have been suffered, and it is imperative that these losses are recouped by obtaining maximum recovery.

Liability For a Florida Car Accident Caused By a Teen

Who is Liable in After a Car Accident Caused by a Teen DriverTo minimize catastrophic and fatal teen crashes, Florida uses a graduated driver’s license system. The laws pertaining to new teen drivers put limits and restrictions on the ability of teens to operate an automobile for a period of time. For example, teens who have a learner’s permit may only be able to drive during the day, be accompanied by a driver over the age of 21 while they operate a vehicle and more. All of these guidelines are intended to ensure a teen has adequate training and is familiar with how to operate a car so they are safer, and more confident drivers.

Due to Florida’s no-fault insurance system, when a crash happens, all parties involved must use their own insurance for their damages. That is, up to $10,000 for medical costs and property damage expenses. Then, in cases where damages are substantial, it is necessary to determine who caused the accident. This can speak to who is liable for paying for the damages that result.

When a teen causes a crash, liability for paying for damages to others in the accident can fall on any of the following:

  • The teen’s auto insurance coverage can be on the hook for paying a settlement. This coverage could be their own or their parent’s.
  • If a teen who caused a crash is driving a vehicle that is not theirs, the owner of the vehicle is liable. Here again, this is usually the parents who let their teens drive their cars.
  • If a teen is driving for their job and causes a crash, their employer can be held liable.
  • Florida dram shop laws could hold an establishment responsible for a crash that a teen causes when it is proved that the establishment served an underage teenager alcohol.

Speak to an Attorney at Fulgencio Law

Parents, usually, are either directly or indirectly found to be liable for the Florida car accidents that their teens cause, but not in all situations. If you were injured by a crash caused by a teen driver, an attorney at Fulgencio Law can help you determine liability and the best approach for recovering monetary compensation.

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