Who is at Fault for a Florida Lane Change Accident?

Who is at Fault for a Florida Lane Change Accident?

Making a lane change can be an especially frightening situation in Florida traffic, one that can easily cause a serious lane change accident. Drivers are notorious for rarely using their turn indicators, in spite of the fact that they are required to do so when changing lanes according to Florida law. Drivers also tend to dart in and out of lane after lane at high rates of speed, especially on highways. 

What Causes Lane Change Accidents?

Making an improper lane change will not only result in a traffic citation for the driver but is also one of the main causes of Florida car accidents. Car crashes that happen due to a driver improperly changing lanes might also present a tricky situation if that driver tries to claim that she or he was unable to see a driver who was already in the lane into which they were trying to merge, particularly if they try to claim that the other driver was somehow breaking the law or behaving negligently, and therefore liable for the accident. 

An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to help a jury understand how the accident exactly happened and make sure that you are awarded the full and fair financial compensation you deserve after you are injured during an improper lane change accident in Florida.

Florida Law About Changing Lanes

Who is at Fault for a Florida Lane Change Accident?

Florida driving laws require that all drivers remain inside a single lane while driving their vehicles. This doesn’t mean that all drivers must choose a lane and stay there the whole time on their way to their destination. Rather, it means that a driver is not permitted to ride two lanes at once and then change into one or the other should traffic suddenly stop or back up in one of them. 

When a driver is trying to merge into another lane or make a land change and strikes a vehicle that is already lawfully driving in that lane, the striking vehicle will almost always be held responsible for the lane change accident. 

Personal Injury Attorneys in Tampa

As with every kind of personal injury case, the endless number of variables makes your claim unique. Someone with a case that sounds very similar to yours could end up with a very different outcome than what you should expect. This is just one of the many reasons why hiring a skilled attorney is beneficial to your Florida personal injury claim

Your attorney will know the most thorough and efficient way of collecting vital evidence that proves you were not at fault for the accident. Establishing this fact is essential to the success of your Tampa personal injury case.

If you have sustained injuries during any kind of accident that was caused by another person’s negligence or carelessness, there is evidence out there that will substantiate your claim. A reputable personal injury attorney from Fulgencio Law will be able to help you. Call us at (813) 463-0123 to schedule your free Tampa personal injury consultation today.

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