When to Sue a Florida Restaurant for Damages

When to Sue a Florida Restaurant for Damages

Any business or entity can be negligent and it is this negligence that leads to the public or their consumers being harmed. Restaurants are no different. Usually, when you go out to eat, you are looking for a good meal that you don’t have to cook yourself. Or, maybe you are conducting business or going on a date. No matter what the reason, you expect that you will go into the restaurant healthy, you will be fed a tasty meal, and you will leave in the same condition as you entered. But, sometimes issues at a restaurant can result in customers suffering physical bodily harm. When this happens, a customer may be able to take legal action against the restaurant for the harm they suffered.

If you sustained a personal injury from a trip to a Florida restaurant, then you may be able to file a claim against them for financial compensation. For help with a personal injury claim in Florida, the Tampa personal injury attorneys at Fulgencio Law welcome you to schedule a free consultation where you can come in, and speak with an experienced attorney about your experience.

Should You File a Claim Against a Restaurant in Florida?

When to Sue a Florida Restaurant for DamagesSeveral things can go wrong in a restaurant which can warrant a claim being filed against the establishment. Some of the most common scenarios include:

Slip and Fall Accidents

If there is a hazard like a slick floor that the restaurant doesn’t warn about or attend to and fix in a reasonable amount of time, or if there is another hazard that causes a slip and fall accident, a restaurant could be liable. Maybe a slip and fall accident happens outside of a restaurant but in their parking lot. For example, a poorly lit parking lot can make visibility less clear and a patron may not see a hazard that causes them to trip, slip, and fall.

Food Poisoning

Florida has established food safety practices that the food industry must follow to ensure that they are serving safe food that will not harm their patrons. A restaurant may be liable for damages if regulations are violated and unsafe food is served causing food poisoning.

Burn Injuries

Whether it be scorching liquids, incredibly hot dinnerware, or fires, a burn injury can easily happen in a restaurant causing a patron incredible harm. 


If a fight breaks out or an incidence of assault takes place between employees or patrons, a restaurant may be liable. Likewise, a restaurant that over-serves alcohol to a driver and lets them leave could be liable if that intoxicated person gets into a car accident.

Speak to an Attorney at Fulgencio Law

Florida restaurants have insurance to cover incidents where personal injury events may happen. If it can be shown that the restaurant was negligent and that it caused someone’s injuries and losses, then a personal injury suit may be successful in recovering financial compensation.

For more information and assistance with an injury claim, please call a Tampa personal injury lawyer at Fulgencio Law to schedule a free consultation at (813) 463-0123.

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