When Will I Be Fully Compensated for my Damages After a Florida Car Accident?

When Will I Be Fully Compensated for my Damages After a Florida Car Accident?

Every state in the nation has its own rules for how a car accident victim can go about obtaining compensation. There are about 12 other states that, alongside Florida, follow the no-fault insurance system. Florida’s no-fault insurance system means that when a car accident happens, a driver who sustains injuries and other damages will usually have to look to their own insurance for compensation. It is called no-fault because, in many cases, fault does not apply when it comes to securing compensation. 

By contrast, states like Nevada, for example, abide by the rules of a fault system, and here, fault does matter when it comes to compensation. In a fault state, an injured party would file a claim against whoever is deemed to be responsible for causing their accident and their injuries.

One of the biggest differences between fault systems and no-fault systems is the amount of compensation that a victim can sustain. In a no-fault system, the required personal injury protection (PIP) car insurance coverage that a driver must have will not cover the full amount of damages that are sustained. 

Can a Car Accident Victim Obtain Full Compensation in Florida?

When can a Florida Car Accident Victim Be Fully Compensated for Their DamagesThe no-fault system in Florida puts the following limits on compensation:

  • Medical costs are covered at 80%.
  • When income is lost due to time away from work, missed wages are covered at 60%.
  • When an accident is deadly, the deceased’s estate or an eligible family member will receive $5,000.

This coverage may seem sufficient to account for the costs of one’s damages after a crash, and for some, that may be the case. When a crash is much more catastrophic, though, the cost of one’s damages may be so high that the victim would have to take on too much of a financial burden to pay for them. 

This is where it could be possible for a victim of a car accident in Florida to obtain the full and total amount of compensation they are owed for all of their damages. For instance, when substantial and severe injuries, such as permanent paralysis or disfigurement, result from a crash, filing a liability claim against the party and obtaining the total cost of the damages may be possible. This would include complete compensation for all losses that a victim suffered, such as pain and suffering, property damage, medical costs, and potentially more.

An attorney that knows the system in the state of Florida and understands what is necessary to obtain the maximum recovery that a victim is owed can help in these situations. 

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