What You Can Do When Your Child Has Been Injured

What You Can Do When Your Child Has Been Injured

Personal injuries affect everyone, no matter their gender or age. When parents send their children off to school they expect that they will be safe from harm, but even at school and on the school bus, injuries have been known to occur.  When your child sustains an injury by a negligent or reckless party they are entitled to obtaining compensation for their damages. As a parent, you can pursue a personal injury claim for your child to ensure that their rights are protected. Speaking with an effective Florida personal injury lawyer who will examine your situation is your most proactive way of determining the strength of a claim. One of these legal professionals will be able to provide you the guidance you need to move forward with a successful case.

School-Related Injuries in Florida

Children can be hurt at school or during school-related activities that require transportation via a school bus. For instance, it is common that children entering and exiting a school bus have been injured just as much as those accidents that take place on a bus. In the state of Florida, sovereign immunity exists for schools. Sovereign immunity means that schools, like the government, are immune from civil suits being brought against them and it also shields these entities from criminal prosecution. The government can avoid a lawsuit without its consent. If your child was injured in a school-related injury that was the result of distinct negligence by the school to perform their supervisory duties, sovereign immunity may not be enough to protect the school from liability. You could still have a viable case to pursue compensation.

Serious injuries can require a victim to file a claims bill with the legislature in Tallahassee. It is a highly difficult process getting the Florida legislature to approve and eventually pay this way. The complexity involved with filing for liability against a school takes an experienced Tampa personal injury lawyer who knows what to look for and how to execute a claim. One of these legal professionals will advise you on your options and direct you in the right manner of action to gain the information necessary for your claim. It is important with a school-related incident, just as an accident, to always gather as much information as possible. Take pictures, seek professional medical attention, and obtaining witness contact information are all important to building a strong case.

Connecting A Florida Personal Injury Attorney

What You Can Do When Your Child Has Been InjuredIt is very stressful when your child is hurt by the negligence of another party. When the school is the negligent party the stress can also come from the complexities involved in fighting for your rights. At Fulgencio Law, every client is looked at individually and we will fight aggressively on your behalf so that you obtain the highest amount of compensation and see your full legal justice. Our team of Tampa serious injury lawyers is here to speak with you about your experience during a completely free consultation. We will help you through the entire claims process and answer all of our questions. Call us today at (813) 463-0123 and schedule a convenient time to speak with a Tampa child injury attorney.


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