What Types Of Surgical Errors Can Take Place In The Operating Room?

What Types Of Surgical Errors Can Take Place In The Operating Room?

When you are facing a surgical procedure, especially one were you are put under general anesthesia, you are most likely feeling anxious. It is natural to feel scared and uneasy about your upcoming procedure. You are concerned about the work being done on you when you are “under the knife,” you wonder if it will go well, if your results will be what you needed, and you are also feeling a bit of fear for the painful recovery you will have afterward. 

It doesn’t make it any easier knowing that the anesthesiologist may not be by your side monitoring you during your entire procedure. Only the nurse anesthetist is with you for the entire amount of your procedure. Regardless of the presence of the anesthesiologist in the operating room, this medical professional is responsible for the actions and behavior of their nurse anesthetists. If you experience anesthesia awareness or becoming cognizant during your procedure there are a couple of reasons as to why this is happening to you. One reason is that you may have a high threshold for the medication and be resistant or because you were never administered enough at the start.

There may be nothing more frightening than thinking about feeling what is happening to you when you are in an operation and becoming aware of what is going on during your surgery. It is the responsibility of the anesthesiologist to monitor patients and be alert enough to adjust your medication should he or she see that you are experiencing anesthesia awareness. If you believe you have been the victim of anesthesia awareness or any other type of surgical malpractice, contacting the Florida medical and dental malpractice attorneys at Fulgencio Law to review your case.

What Are Injuries Which Constitute Surgical Malpractice?

While this list is not exhaustive, here are some examples of valid damages from surgical malpractice:

  • Surgical fires which have the highest risk of occurrence when a procedure on the head, neck, and chest is performed
    • Surgical fires take place inside of your body and cause burns, these incidents are not easily controlled by your medical team
    • Surgical fires that take place on your body and cause burns can be avoided by the actions of your medical team
  • Operating on the wrong body part
  • Leaving foreign objects or debris in the body
  • Using unclean tools which lead to infection

Your surgical team has a duty of care that they must exercise during surgery. Breach of this duty by negligence or recklessness may result in a medical malpractice claim.  Protocols, guidelines, best practices are in place for these medical professionals to follow to reduce the risk of a surgical error. Unfortunately, not every surgery in the country goes according to plan and practice. There are thousands of surgical errors that are made across the country each year.

How To Pursue A Surgical Error Medical Malpractice Claim In Florida?

What Types Of Surgical Errors Can Take Place In The Operating RoomIf you have been the victim of a surgical error in Florida, Fulgencio Law will help you with your claim. Our team serves the residents of Hillsboro County, Sarasota, Manatee, Pasco, Polk, and Pinellas Florida. When you are ready to move forward with your claim, understand that there is a three-year statute of limitations from the time of your injuries for you to have your claim filed. Our Tampa personal injury attorneys will ensure that you don’t miss this crucial deadline. 

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