What to Do When School Negligence Harms Your Child

What to Do When School Negligence Harms Your Child

When you send your child off to school you hope they see their friends, learn as much as possible, and come home safe and sound. If you get a call from the school nurse or principal, it is easy for a parent to become extremely distressed. This is specifically so if the school authority on the other line is telling you that your child has been seriously injured.

What Are Some Examples of School Negligence?

There are many situations where a child can be hurt while at school. Not every one of these situations involves negligence, but sometimes an injury situation at school does involve neglect. 

Academic administrators and support staff are responsible for ensuring that children are learning and engaging in a safe environment. While these professionals cannot completely keep every injury accident from happening, they have to do what is necessary to minimize the risk of harm to students.

What to Do When School Negligence Harms Your Child

The following situations have the potential to inflict physical bodily harm if an accident happens:

When you send your child to school, the staff that is employed by the school are tasked with keeping your child away from harm when possible. Both teachers and the school can be held liable for injuries that happen to a child while on school grounds during the regular school day.

There are ways to gather evidence that can show school negligence existed. A parent can collect the following:

  • School camera security footage.
  • Pictures of the damages the child suffered.
  • Medical bills, doctor reports, professional injury diagnoses.
  • Witness testimony.

If a child’s injuries in a school accident have a component of negligence, proving dereliction of the necessary duty of care existed is critical. A skilled attorney who understands child injuries can help parents fight for the compensation that their child needs to recover from their harm. 

When negligent actions are a factor in how your child was injured at school, you may be able to receive compensation for their harm. School negligence cases do happen, and to learn more about how to approach one of these situations, working with an attorney that has experience in child injuries may be beneficial. In Florida, the Tampa child injury attorneys at Fulgencio Law welcome you to come in and have your questions answered to learn more about obtaining compensation.

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The Tampa personal injury attorneys at Fulgencio Law can identify who is liable for your child’s injuries. It is important to hold all negligent parties accountable for their actions or inactions. The Tampa civil litigation attorneys at Fulgencio Law can help you get the fair compensation your child needs and is entitled to.

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