How to Obtain Compensation for a Dog Bite

How to Obtain Compensation for a Dog Bite

Dog bite incidents happen more than most people would like to believe. This is specifically so because dogs are such beloved pets for many people all over the United States. Sadly, there are more than 1,000 people who will be injured from a dog bite incident every day, and each will require some kind of emergency care as a result. Annually, there are over 14,000 serious hospitalizations from dog bites. Sometimes, such an injury can lead to debilitating long-term harm and even death in the most severe situations.

If you live in or near the greater Tampa area and you were bitten by a dog, call the Tampa dog bite lawyers at Fulgencio Law. It may be possible to obtain compensation for your harm. Under Florida dog bite laws, it is likely that you can hold the owner of the dog accountable for the damages you sustained.

How Can a Dog-Bite Victim Obtain Compensation?

What Must a Dog Bite Victim Do To Get CompensationWhile children tend to be the most commonly affected demographic when it comes to dog bite incidents, adults can also be severely harmed when a dog attacks. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were 26,906 dog bite repair surgeries reported in 2018.

Dog bites can inflict more than just physical harm. The emotional damage that can come after a dog bite experience can be very traumatic. In Florida, the owner of a dog is responsible for keeping their dogs on a leash, behind a fence, or controlled in some other way that protects the public from a potential encounter where injuries may result. Also, using a sign that warns the public that a dog exists in the home may be necessary. This is particularly true if the owner knows that the dog is pugnacious or if the owner knows that the dog is likely to bite.

If you have sustained injuries from a dog bite attack in Tampa, liability must be determined. If the case exists that the dog owner is liable, the burden of proof is on the victim to prove that the attack happened and that they were harmed. It is critical to show that your injuries did result from the bite.

Some of the forms of proof that can be used include:

  • Photos.
  • Witness testimony.
  • Doctors statements.
  • Bills of service for medical treatment and medical records.

In 2020, the Insurance Information Institute indicated that there was approximately $854 million paid from homeowners insurance to victims of dog bite incidents. Staying in a hospital and securing treatment for a dog bit injury does not come cheap. It is estimated that the average cost for medical treatment in a hospital is $18,200. Interestingly, the average cost for treatment in a hospital for a dog bite injury is approximately 50% more than what it costs for other injuries.

Speak to a Tampa Dog Bite Injury Attorney Today

Determining liability and proving your physical bodily harm was caused by another party’s pet dog can be challenging. Managing a civil suit alone while also dealing with painful injuries is a difficult proposition. The Tampa dog bite injury attorneys at Fulgencio Law can help you with your Florida dog bite injury claim. Please call Fulgencio Law today to schedule a free consultation at (813) 463-0123.

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