What Can Florida Bicyclists Do to Stay Safe?

What Can Florida Bicyclists Do to Stay Safe?

Due to its year-round pleasant weather and lack of winter hazards such as snow and ice, the state of Florida sees bicyclists of all ages on and near its roadways all year long. Understanding the various laws and regulations that apply to cyclists is a major component when it comes to staying safe and avoiding the serious and even fatal injuries that typically result from a bicycle accident. 

Keep on reading to learn some of the most fundamental Florida bicycle laws that both residents and visitors need to be familiar with.  

Follow All Traffic Laws

Cyclists are beholden to the same laws as drivers when they ride on public roadways. The safest bicyclists always ride defensively and are prepared to yield the right-of-way to a car or truck if necessary. 

In Florida, cyclists must ride with the flow of traffic and follow all traffic signs and signals. Always stay in the bike lane, or, if no bike lane is provided, stay as far to the right as you are can. 

Always Wear Your Helmet

What Can Florida Bicyclists Do to Stay Safe?

In spite of the fact that Florida laws only require helmets to be worn by cyclists who are under 17-years-old, every rider is actively encouraged to use protective, approved bicycle headgear. Ensure that your helmet fits correctly and, if you are involved in an accident, you need to buy a new helmet before you ride again.

Make Sure Your Bike is Properly Equipped 

All bicycles have to be outfitted with a front-facing white light and a rear-facing red light if you are going to be riding after dark. If you plan on transporting passengers, it is incumbent on you to make sure that your bike is furnished with two seats. Florida law expressly prohibits allowing any passenger to ride on your handlebars or back pegs. You can, however, ride with a child who is secured in an approved sling or special backpack. 

Cyclists are at a considerably heightened risk for sustaining a severe injury in a collision with a vehicle. Remembering and obeying these laws will help keep you safe.  

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