What are Your Rights When Your Car Was Illegally Towed in Florida?

What are Your Rights When Your Car Was Illegally Towed in Florida?

You park your car at a specific location and after you are done running errands you come back to that location and your car is gone. Was it stolen or was it towed? You do not know where your car is but it is certainly not where you left it. After finding out your car was towed you may be confused because you did not violate any parking rules. 

It could be possible that your car was illegally towed, and if this is true, this is a crime. In Florida, the act of illegal towing can be either charged as a misdemeanor or a felony of the third degree. 

Finding that your car has been towed is never a situation that anyone wants to be in. It is stressful, expensive, and frustrating getting to the towing lot to do what is necessary and pay the fees to get your car back. This is true when there were violations made with parking one’s car. But, when you have to go through this and you did nothing to deserve it happening to you, you have rights and you can respond with legal action. To learn more about what to do if you were the victim of illegal towing in Florida, please call the Tampa illegal towing attorneys at Fulgencio Law.

What Can Victims of Illegal Towing in Florida Do?

What are Your Rights When Your Car Was Illegally Towed in Florida?The first thing you can do when your car was illegally towed is to call the towing company and see if you can work things out. If it can be shown that their practices were deceitful and they took your car using improper towing procedures, you may be able to secure compensation from them for repairs. Towing companies must show care to those whose cars they tow by using specific towing procedures that are designed to reduce the chances of damage to a car. 

To help you succeed with your claim, the next action you should take is to call on your local Tampa injury attorneys at Fulgencio Law for support and assistance. By filing a civil suit against the towing company the case can be made for why financial compensation is necessary. For example, if your car was scratched, dented, or damaged in some way while it was towed you may be able to hold the towing company liable for payment for those repairs. In these cases, it is recommended to document the damage, and taking pictures is a good way to do that. 

Illegal towing of cars in Florida is a real problem and it can be upsetting and even infuriating for victims of this unfair practice. But the good news is that victims of illegal towing have legal rights. Not only can towing companies be held criminally liable for their improper behavior, but they can also be held civilly liable and have to pay for property damages they caused.

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