Using Traffic Camera Footage in Florida Personal Injury Claims

Using Traffic Camera Footage in Florida Personal Injury Claims

As populations grow and traffic congestion increases in busy areas, it is often the case that additional law enforcement will frequent these areas and pay more attention to them. As a result, those who drive aggressively or recklessly and put other people in harm’s way may have a greater likelihood of being pulled over. However, the police cannot be everywhere all of the time, so a solution to identifying unlawful behavior at busy intersections easily comes by way of traffic cameras.

A traffic camera may be able to identify many things, including drivers who fail to recognize the imminent red light and ignore the light by running it. Running a red light can be extremely dangerous as other drivers will be prompted to begin turning into and driving through intersections when they have the green light. Cars that fly through a red light put themselves and all of the drivers who begin to proceed through the intersection in great danger.

Traffic Cameras and Personal Injury Claims

Using Traffic Camera Footage in Florida Personal Injury ClaimsIf you were hit by a negligent driver in Florida, there might be several different forms of evidence that you can gather which show the careless behavior of another driver. When you file a claim for compensation, having robust proof of wrongdoing on behalf of another party can help you with your claim and your efforts to obtain compensation for your losses. Video and photographic footage may present strong evidence that indicates another driver’s behavior, such as running a red light, and because of this, they may be held liable to the victims for their damages.

There are many things you can do after a crash, like taking pictures and talking to witnesses. There are also things that may have been caught in real-time videos that are both located at nearby businesses and mounted Florida traffic cameras near where your crash took place.

In most cases, seeing is believing. If a traffic camera has photographic or video footage of another driver behaving irresponsibly and running a stop sign or a red light, this could help your claim.

Though, there may also be actions you took that could have contributed in some part to the accident. If a traffic camera can pick up another driver’s actions, it can also pick up yours. If the traffic camera footage shows that you, too, had some amount of blame for the crash, then your total compensation can be reduced by the amount of fault you were deemed to have had.

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Traffic camera footage may show that another driver was either fully responsible for causing your Florida car accident or was mostly responsible. Even if you are shown to have some fault, if it is less than the other driver, you will still be able to obtain compensation. 

For help filing a claim and collecting evidence, such as traffic camera footage, working with an experienced legal professional can be advantageous. Call the Tampa car accident injury attorneys at Fulgencio Law today to schedule a free consultation to go over your case at (813) 463-0123.

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