Tips for Pulling Over Safely on the Highway

Tips for Pulling Over Safely on the Highway

Anything unexpected can happen while driving. A car can malfunction, an emergency can arise, or weather can be so inclement that it limits visibility, making it necessary to pull over to the side of the road. However, this maneuver is not always easy or safe, depending on the conditions. When pulling over on a busy highway, there is much to think about and certain actions that can make doing so safer for you, your passengers, and others on the road with you. 

How to Pull Off of the Highway Safely

Top Tips for Safely Pulling Over on the HighwayIf you must pull over on a highway, aim for the right side of the road where there will be a shoulder and typically more space to keep your car out of active traffic. Of course, on the left side of the highway, you are essentially right in the middle of the road, with traffic coming at you in both directions.

The following safety tips for pulling over on a highway can help you when unforeseen circumstances arise. 

  • Stay calm and collected so you can think clearly and be precise with your actions.
  • The minute you understand that there is an issue, start preparing to pull over.
  • Take your time. There is no need to erratically drive and rush yourself. Doing so makes your driving behavior unpredictable to other drivers and increases the risk that a crash can happen.
  • Let others on the road know you are having a problem by putting your hazard lights on. Keep the lights on even when you are safely on the side of the road to continue to alert drivers to your car.
  • If you have emergency equipment like cones or reflective triangles, use them to make sure your vehicle is even more noticeable.
  • If you have to exit the car, moving away from the road and from traffic as much as feasible is critical.
  • Once you are in a safe location, call for help.
  • If there is a better location farther away from the highway that can be easily traveled to without having to walk near the highway, then go there to wait for help. However, if there is nowhere that you and your passengers can safely walk to, it is better to stay in your car until help arrives.

There is much to think about when it comes to pulling over on the highway. When possible, pulling off the road to a less busy location is ideal. However, when that is not an option, taking the time to think about how to do so calmly and cautiously is essential.

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