Top 5 Damages that are Financially Compensable in a Florida Personal Injury Claim

Top 5 Damages that are Financially Compensable in a Florida Personal Injury Claim

Each state in the nation has its own fault laws. A small few states follow a contributory negligence system, a handful follow a pure comparative negligence system, and then the rest of the country follows a modified comparative negligence system. The type of negligence system that your state follows will dictate what your rights are after an unintentional injury accident for filing an injury claim and obtaining compensation for the full amount of economic and non-economic damages you suffered.

Florida follows a pure comparative negligence system and is also a no-fault state. As a result, only in certain situations can a victim of an injury accident file a claim to be completely compensated for losses. A victim will have to have been substantially injured before they would be able to file a claim against another party. Otherwise, they would use their own Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage.

If you were injured in a car accident or other negligent injury accident event it is best to consult with an attorney to learn more about what your rights are for compensation under Florida’s negligence and fault laws. The Tampa personal injury attorneys at Fuglencio Law can answer your questions, evaluate your accident experience and if it makes sense to file a claim, help you with this too. 

Obtaining Compensation After an Injury Accident in Florida

Top 5 Damages that are Financially Compensable in a Florida Personal Injury ClaimObtaining the full amount of compensation after an injury accident is critical for a victim. Financial compensation is meant to help a person who was harmed in an injury accident become whole again, or as close to it as possible. In Florida, to work around PIP laws and file a suit against another party, the damages that are suffered must be extensive.

There are several damages that may be included in a victim’s personal injury claim. And determining which damages to include will depend on what losses were incurred. Each injury accident is different. Usually, though, the top five damages that are included in most personal injury claims are:

Medical Expenses

Surgeries, medications, therapy, emergency services, and other related medical costs.

Lost Wages

Income that would usually be earned if a person was not injured and unable to work can be accounted for in a claim. This may include actual income and anticipated future income that was lost.

Pain and Suffering

This is non-economic damage, and an experienced personal injury attorney will be able to calculate the value of one’s pain and suffering.

Property Damage

Destruction of personal property, like repairs for a car after a Florida car accident, for example, is compensable.

Reduced Quality of Life

The inability to live life at the level one was able to before their injury accident, as may be the case when disabling injuries result, can be accounted for in a claim.

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These five damages may not be the only damages you can include in your claim. An attorney will know how to evaluate your accident experience and identify both current and future losses you may suffer so that your claim secures the most appropriate and fair amount of compensation. 

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