Top 4 Factors that Impact the Length of a Personal Injury Claim

Top 4 Factors that Impact the Length of a Personal Injury Claim

Nobody wants to have to work through a legal challenge, but if you were injured in a car crash or other unintentional injury accident you will likely have to file a claim for compensation. After a car accident, for example, there are many different types of damages you can suffer. You may have medical expenses for treatment you received, a damaged vehicle may need to be repaired or replaced, and more. To make things worse, your injuries could be so severe that you may not be able to go back to your job for some time, losing vital income.

When filing a claim, there are many questions you may have including, how long will it take to get to a settlement? This is a great question but given the many variables that can exist in a personal injury case, the timeline can vary. The best thing to do after an accident and once medical treatment has been established, is to meet with a local personal injury attorney in your state to get the answers to this question. In Florida, the Tampa car accident attorneys at Fulgencio Law welcome you to come in and discuss your accident.

Factors that Can Impact a Personal Injury Claim Settlement Timeline

Top 4 Factors that Impact the Length of a Personal Injury ClaimThere may be similarities between some personal injury claims but no two cases will be identical. This means that as one works through the process, several different things can happen and ultimately impact how long it can take to settle or be awarded compensation. The top four factors that you should be aware of which could play a role in how long you must wait to be compensated include:

  • Settling in Court or Out-of-Court

While the grand majority of personal injury claims do settle before ever having to step foot in a courtroom, not all will. When going to court to battle it out becomes a reality, this is going to be a primary reason why it may take much longer to be awarded compensation than if you are able to settle outside of court.

  • The Extent of Your Damages

In situations where the impact of the accident was minimal and the losses suffered were not too costly, it can be a lot easier to come to an agreement outside of court quicker and resolve one’s case. Though, in catastrophic situations where there are several severe damages, this can make things more complicated and thus, take much longer.

  • Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage makes a big difference in obtaining compensation from a personal injury claim. When there are no issues and everyone has valid insurance, this may speed up the financial recovery process. However, without insurance or with insurance that is insufficient, it can take quite a bit longer before a claim is resolved. 

  • The Quality of Your Legal Counsel

You have many options in Florida when it comes to choosing which legal counsel you will work with to help you recover compensation for your losses. However, not every attorney is the same, has the same experience, or has a similar track record of success. The better your legal counsel, the more likely you are to recover full financial compensation in the least amount of time.

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