Tips for Documenting Injuries for a Personal Injury Claim

Tips for Documenting Injuries for a Personal Injury Claim

It is imperative that you have robust and detailed information and evidence showing the extent of your injuries and how your unintentional injury accident happened when you are filing a personal injury claim. The more evidence you have, the greater your chances are of being successful with your claim and also getting the full amount of compensation you need to cover your losses. 

You may have experienced several damages after your injury accident, including anxiety, emotional stress, physical pain, debilitating injuries, property damages, an inability to work, and more. All of these are costly expenses, and the money needed to pay them must be recovered. A personal injury claim can help you recoup the costs of your losses, but to do so, you must have clear proof of your damages, meaning you must be able to document your injuries and losses.

If you were injured in an accident in Florida, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. Then, to learn more about your legal options and to improve the chances you have to get the most out of your claim, you may call Fulgencio Law to speak with a Tampa personal injury attorney.

Collecting and Documenting Evidence After a Personal Injury Accident

Tips for Documenting Injuries for a Personal Injury ClaimThe evidence that you collect will not only show the harm that you are currently suffering from but also account for the potential losses you may have in the future from your injury accident. For example, perhaps you had to have surgery for a catastrophic injury after your accident. However, it is also expected that after you recover from this initial procedure, you will need additional surgeries and therapy in the future. These costs that are to come must also be calculated when valuing a personal injury claim.

The following tips can help you gather the most pertinent and persuasive information to document your damages after your injury accident.

  • Don’t wait to start the personal injury claims process. Your attorney can help you identify evidence and collect it to build your claim.
  • If you are able to move about after an accident, take pictures of the accident scene. Take pictures of the destruction to your personal property and take pictures of all the details in the environment where the accident happened.
  • There could be people who saw the accident. These would be witnesses. If you are able, speak to witnesses and ask them if they would provide their contact information.
  • Contact the local police department to obtain the official police report.
  • Listen to the advice of your attorney. Perhaps expert witnesses would be helpful to support your case. Your attorney will be able to tell you what would make your claim stronger and have the connections to get in touch with those resources.
  • Make sure to have photos of your physical injuries. 
  • Don’t wait to see a doctor to document your injuries and get the right diagnosis. Obtain copies of your medical reports and doctor’s notes.
  • Keep all bills and invoices related to your accident.
  • Keep the clothes you wore when the accident happened. The wear and tear they show can speak to the harm that you experienced.
  • Keep a daily journal of your emotions, your physical pain, and how you feel.

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