The Three Most Dangerous Types of Florida Drivers

The Three Most Dangerous Types of Florida Drivers

Some people regard it as a member of their family. Some people give them clever names, others festoon them with funny decals, while others are fastidious in their maintenance and cleaning. No matter where in America you live, people are attached to their cars. They get people exactly where they want to go, from shopping for furniture and groceries to getting entire families to fun summer destinations and safely back home again, vehicles are important. For many people, identifying their car as something dangerous and potentially lethal isn’t a connection they make.

Big, heavy, and capable of traveling at high speeds, cars can easily turn into lethal weapons when they are driven carelessly or recklessly. As reported by the Association for Safe International Road Travel, each year, motor vehicle accidents are responsible for about 37,000 fatalities nationwide and for the severe injury of an additional 2.35 million.

Far too often, driver error and driver negligence result in deadly traffic accidents. Noted below are the leading three driving behaviors that usually cause catastrophic or fatal collisions.

Distracted Drivers

The Three Most Dangerous Types of Florida Drivers

A lot of people are surprised to learn that driving while distracted is the main cause of car crashes. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it even comes in ahead of driving while intoxicated. In an attempt to quell the state’s excessive distracted driving rate, Florida lawmakers have established legislation that makes it against the law to text while driving and have also set out punishments that are intended to stop this from happening.  

Drunk Drivers

Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is something that every driver should know is extremely hazardous. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, however, several thousand people all across the United States are involved in accidents caused by drunk drivers each year.  Drinking alcohol does more than impairing your driving capabilities, it also affects the manner and speed with which you understand and react to what is happening.

Drowsy Drivers

Driving when you are sleep-deprived might seem inevitable in modern society, and maybe it is, which makes it all the more frightening that it could endanger not just you but all those around you as well. Whenever someone behind the wheel is drowsy, they not only display decreased reaction times but are also in danger of falling asleep behind the wheel. This increases their chances of a serious or fatal accident.  

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