The Role of Dash Cam Footage in Florida Car Accident Claims

The Role of Dash Cam Footage in Florida Car Accident Claims

Two of the most important tasks when a car accident claim is being filed is to determine liability and to prove it. Doing so can help a claimant be successful in obtaining the financial compensation they require for their losses. There are many types of evidence that can be helpful in a car accident claim including pictures, police reports, doctor’s notes, medical treatment, and video footage. 

Dash cams are cameras that can be placed on a dashboard or onto the windshield of an automobile that can record its surroundings. Some dash cams have even greater capabilities to record other information like speed, location, and even interior audio. 

Dash cams are not only reserved for law enforcement. In Florida, a private vehicle can lawfully have a dash cam inside the vehicle. With a wide selection available for consumers, it is possible for any driver to find an affordable dash cam that can easily capture footage as one travels about in their car. 

When it comes to car accidents, the footage a dashcam records could provide invaluable and persuasive information about how a crash took place, who was liable, and the behavior of all parties involved in a crash. Dash cam footage has the possibility to support a successful car accident claim.

The Importance of Dash Cams in Florida Car Accidents

The Role of Dash Cam Footage in Florida Car Accident ClaimsFlorida is a large state with a growing population and a booming tourism industry. As a result, many cars are traveling about at any point during the year and because of this, car accidents happen. In 2022, Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reported that there were just under 400,000 reportable car accidents in Florida

When an accident happens, there is always more than one side to the story. Wading through the information to figure out how a crash happened and who was responsible can be a difficult thing in some situations. Though, with a dash cam, it is possible that the footage recorded can definitively answer several critical questions including

  • Driving violations that may have occurred.
  • Real-time information from when the impact happened in a crash.
  • The other driver’s actions or behavior when the crash happened.

This information can describe how a crash happened.

It is important to remember that despite dash cams being lawful in Florida, there are still rules to be aware of. For instance, if a dash cam records audio it is imperative that your passengers are informed about this function and that they give their permission to have their audio recorded. Failure to give information and obtain consent can mean future legal difficulties due to Florida’s wiretapping laws.

Having a dash cam can be incredibly advantageous and an extra layer of protection should a crash happen. However, having a dash cam is not a guarantee of vital and clear information that will help one win their suit. If the conditions make visibility low when the crash happens footage a dash cam records may also not be clear. Or, the dash cam may not catch details of a crash depending on where a car is hit.

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Dash cam footage has the potential to be incredibly valuable in showing liability and helping support a car accident suit. 

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