The Most Dangerous Type of Car Accident

The Most Dangerous Type of Car Accident

All car accidents can be devastating and have deadly consequences. Every single detail related to how a crash takes place can relate to its outcome. Whether it be a minor fender bender, a t-bone crash, a rear-end collision, or a head-on crash, the outcomes can be catastrophic in any of these incidents. However, some accidents tend to be much more deadly and consequential than others. Head-on collisions are one of the ways that a vehicular collision can happen and render the most severe results.

There were 396,486 total car accidents in Florida in 2022. This means that far more than 1,000 crashes happened, on average, every day that year.  As one can see, with this many crashes happening, everyone is at risk while driving. 

After a car accident, you may have to use your own insurance for compensation for the damages you suffered. After a major crash, you could have the right to file a claim for compensation against the individual who caused the incident. Because Florida personal injury laws can be complicated, a Tampa car accident attorney at Fulgencio Law can clarify everything, provide you with an explanation of your options, and help you get the full amount of compensation you need for all of your losses. 

Why Head-On Collisions Are So Deadly

The Most Dangerous Type of Car AccidentDespite any car accident having deadly results, a head-on collision is the most harmful of all the crashes that could take place. According to the Federal Highway Administration, head-on collisions are the deadliest type of car accident and are responsible for as high as 14% of all traffic deaths in the U.S. and 27% of roadway departure fatalities.

Between 2016 and 2018 head-on collisions caused 5,248 deadly roadway departure fatalities.

It is essential to avoid being in a head-on collision or any crash, for that matter, that you always engage in safe driving practices. This means, that you obey the rules of the road including the speed limit, you avoid distractions, do not drink and drive, do not drive while sleepy, and keep appropriate space between your vehicle and others.

There are also things that state and local agencies can do about infrastructure to aid in reducing these deadly crashes. Some of these actions include installing Chevron signs where turns in the road are present, making pavement markings more visible, adding center-line rumble strips, and more. 

If you or a loved one was injured or lost their life in a head-on collision in Florida, you can have support during the personal injury claims process. An attorney at Fulgencio Law is ready and here for you to discuss the best way to obtain the compensation you need.

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Figuring out what to do in the aftermath of a serious car accident like a head-on crash can be stressful and difficult. It is best that after you seek medical treatment, you take your case to an attorney for review. For assistance after a car accident, please call (813) 463-0123 to speak with an attorney at Fulgencio Law during a free consultation.

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