Tampa’s Ten Most Dangerous Intersections

Tampa’s Ten Most Dangerous Intersections

It is an unfortunate fact that some car crashes are inevitable. There are, however, a few areas in and around the city of Tampa where accidents are much more likely to occur. A regional advocacy organization called All For Transportation recently conducted a thorough review of Tampa-area car crash data and was able to identify the most dangerous intersections in the city.

The goal of the study was to encourage local legislators to make highway and city roadway improvements not just in Tampa but throughout Hillsborough County. Until that happens, you can help keep yourself and your loved ones safe by exercising caution whenever you are driving through the below-listed intersections.

Tampa’s Most Dangerous Intersections

All for Transportation ordered the intersections according to the number of accidents that took place during a 15-month span. Most commuters will not be surprised to see that intersections, where Waters Avenue West is one of the streets involved, were listed several times, all on the higher end of the ratings.

The Top 10

Tampa's Ten Most Dangerous Intersections

  1. Waters Avenue West and Sheldon Road in Town ‘N’ Country
  2. Waters Avenue West and Anderson Road in Town ‘N’ Country
  3. Hanley Road and Waters Avenue West in Town ‘N’ Country
  4. Sheldon Road and Hillsborough Avenue West in Town ‘N’ Country
  5. Gibsonton Drive and 301 Highway South in Riverview
  6. Himes Avenue North and Waters Avenue in Tampa
  7. Big Bend Road and 301 Highway South in Riverview
  8. Fletcher Avenue East and Bruce B. Downs Boulevard in Tampa
  9. Bell Shoals Road and Bloomingdale Avenue in Brandon
  10. Providence Road and Bloomingdale Avenue in Brandon

Tampa Motor Vehicle Crash Statistics

Unfortunately, Florida is the state with the highest rate of fatalities caused by intersection car accidents. Additionally, its drivers sit in traffic for longer periods of time due to hazardous roadways, a higher volume of cars, terrible traffic, and drivers who run red lights.

To highlight the issue of the state’s traffic problem, the United States Census Bureau recently published Hillsborough County’s average commute times, which includes Tampa. The area’s overall commute times have risen by slightly more than 10% to about 30 minutes, a figure that is twice the national average.

In order to address these issues, All for Transportation has recommended redesigning these intersections using roundabouts, along with providing better street lighting, smart traffic signals, curb extensions, and pedestrian-friendly sidewalks.

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