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But Do I Really Need a Personal Injury Lawyer To Represent Me?

Personal injuries resulting from the negligence of others – whether it be a car accident, slip and fall, or medical malpractice – are uncertain times. Aside from painful and long-lasting, these injuries can be costly and wreak havoc into a family. Often, injuries come along with uncertainty about what the future will hold. At Fulgencio Law, we understand the many ways in which life can be affected by personal injury. Our clients usually come to us with a number of [...]

Proposals for Settlement in Florida

Is a Florida Proposal for Settlement (“PFS”) Made by Multiple Offerors to a Single Offeree an Enforceable PFS? Florida Proposals for Settlement were created to reduce litigation but they have done anything but. Florida Statute 768.79 is the “Offer of Judgment” statute. The rule states that if the defendant in litigation files a “proposal for settlement” under Florida Rule of Civil Procedure 1.442, the plaintiff must obtain a verdict of higher than 75% of the amount proposed by the defendant. If [...]

Different Kinds of Florida Personal Injury Claims

Proving Your Pain & Suffering After an Accident

Causes of Pain and Suffering Cases The culprit behind all pain and suffering cases is negligence. The carelessness of an employee/citizen that leads to severe discomfort or worse is the basis behind every case. Common causes behind such scenarios include: Failure of employees to display wet floor signs Being attacked by the pet of an irresponsible owner The irresponsible driving of a fellow motorist leading to personal injury. Being injured by the faulty construction of a building The number of possible scenarios in which you [...]