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Trampoline Park Injuries Continue To Climb

Trampoline parks continue to enjoy a great rise in popularity. In 2011, there were approximately 40 trampoline parks nationwide. Now, that number has soared to more than 800 and there is no federal oversight, only voluntary safety standards. Using national hospital data, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that in 2016, 103,512 children under the age of 18 visited emergency rooms with trampoline injuries. The vast majority – more than 75 percent – of these injuries occurred when more [...]


What is Negligence?

What is Negligence? Negligence is a legal concept, a term usually employed to describe an instance when someone is seeking compensation for accidents and injuries that were caused as a result of someone else’s fault. Negligence is a type of act, or a civil wrong, and is often referred to using another legal term: a tort. In essence, negligence means conduct that is culpable because it the legal standard required of a reasonable person in protecting individuals against risk that [...]