Steps to Take After a Dog Bite Incident in Florida

Steps to Take After a Dog Bite Incident in Florida

Whether it is a dog that you know or one you are not familiar with, dogs sometimes bite, and for many different reasons. If you were the victim of a dog bite incident in Florida the ordeal may have left you in immense pain and terrified. Dog bites can cause permanent damage and disfigurement and they can also be lethal. Despite dogs being America’s favorite pet, there is no doubt that dogs can and do, bite. Each day in the United States there are around 1,000 people who are bitten by dogs and as a result, need emergency care. 

If you were bitten by a dog in Florida you may have sustained not only the pain and suffering of the event and the injury but you may also have had to have costly medical treatment. It is important to know your rights in this situation and your ability to recover financial compensation for these losses. A Tampa dog bite attorney at Fulgencio Law can advise you on what options you may have to recover compensation. 

What to Do After a Dog Bite Incident in Florida

Steps to Take After a Dog Bite Incident in FloridaYour health and well-being is of the utmost importance. Therefore, as soon as you can after your dog bite incident, you should see a medical professional to have your injury treated. The bacteria from a dog’s mouth can get into wounds, even those that are small. When this happens, it is very possible that a wound can become infected and this can make the injury a much more serious health issue.

While seeking medical treatment is essential after a dog bite incident, other things should be done as well. Figuring out who the dog’s owner is will be critical because a dog’s owner may be liable for your damages. Once you identify who the owner is, then getting their name, address, and phone number is essential. It is also helpful to get information on the dog like its name, breed, and age.

If there were witnesses to the dog bite incident, connecting with these individuals to see if they would provide a witness statement can be advantageous.

Another critical step after a dog bite incident is to inform the authorities. You can call animal control and tell them about what happened and who was involved. This will further document the incident and likely lead to the animal control agency doing an investigation into what happened and the status of the dog’s vaccinations.

Next, keep all documentation of your injuries and the bite incident. This can include pictures of the wounds, the location where the attack took place, and doctor’s notes If you do make a dog bite injury claim this information will be important for supporting it.

Speak to an Attorney at Fulgencio Law

Being bitten by a dog is a scary thing to have to experience. Severe physical and emotional trauma can result. It can be helpful after a Florida dog bite incident to speak with an attorney about what legal options may be available. 

For assistance with a dog bite claim in Florida, please call Fulgencio Law to schedule a free consultation with an attorney at (813) 463-0123.


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