Sinkhole Damage Claims in Florida: Legal Advice and Protection

Sinkhole Damage Claims in Florida: Legal Advice and Protection

According to the University of Florida Liberal Arts and Sciences, sinkholes form when surface land collapses and sinks into underlying open cavities. Florida has a sinkhole problem that is a result of the state’s geology. Sinkholes can be incredibly damaging to roads, private property, structures, and other forms of infrastructure. 

Due to the prevalence of sinkholes in Florida, many people have insurance just in case their property is damaged should one occur. However, it is not an easy process getting the insurance provider to actually pay for damages that may have been suffered due to a sinkhole. Often, claims are denied which is a very frustrating thing to have to endure. Whether it is your home or business, you deserve to obtain the compensation you need for the damages that happened to your property as a result of a sinkhole.

The important thing to remember is that a sinkhole claim denial does not mean that you are out of options and will be unable to secure the compensation you need for all of your losses. It is possible to turn a denial around and have your claim accepted to get you the recovery you need. For help with this complex process, the Tampa sinkhole attorney at Fulgencio Law welcomes you to reach out and schedule a free consultation. We are dedicated to getting results and if we do not recover compensation for your sinkhole damages, you will not pay a thing.

Obtaining Compensation for Sinkhole Damage in Florida

Sinkhole Damage Claims in Florida: Legal Advice and ProtectionThe U.S. Geological Survey indicates that out of the handful of states with the most damage from sinkholes, Florida is at the top of the list. One of the reasons this is so is the prevalence of limestone bedrock which is very porous and as a result, vulnerable to erosion. As limestone underneath the surface degrades, voids or holes develop and when that happens, the land above will collapse. Depending on how large the sinkhole is minor destruction, to catastrophic wreckage can take place. 

It is important that when you notice signs that your property could have a sinkhole, like slanting of the ground, water accumulation in a particular area of a property, cracks in the foundation, or another indication of a sinkhole you take quick action. This will increase your ability to protect yourself by getting the benefits you need from your insurance policy. Still, when you file a claim be prepared that it is highly likely your claim will be challenged. 

Even though Florida mandates that insurance policies cover catastrophic ground cover collapse, they do not require sinkhole insurance. There are specific requirements to meet acceptable damage from catastrophic ground cover collapse. To best protect yourself, you can purchase sinkhole insurance. With this additional coverage, you may be able to secure compensation for damages that are not included in the required catastrophic collapse insurance.

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There is a two-year statute of limitations to file a sinkhole damage claim in Florida. When you work with a Tampa sinkhole lawyer at Fulgencio Law your insurance adjuster will take your claim more seriously and know they will not be able to skirt their responsibility to pay you the benefits you deserve from the policy you paid for. For a free consultation, please call  (813) 463-0123.

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