Rubbernecking and Its Effect on Florida Car Accidents

Rubbernecking and Its Effect on Florida Car Accidents

Rubbernecking is a term that describes a driver looking at something on the side of the road. An unfortunate side effect of this activity is that they often do not notice the vehicle in front of them slowing down or stopping. 

Anytime Florida drivers engage in rubbernecking, accidents can happen. When drivers look away from the road to stare at police activity or a car accident, they have taken their focus off the roadway. The all too common outcome of rubbernecking is another car accident.

Screens Proven to Help Drivers Focus

Obviously, the easiest way to prevent rubbernecking accidents is to maintain your focus on the road and on driving safely and not worry about what is happening off to the side. In reality, however, this is easier said than done.  

Due to the fact that so many drivers have a hard time resisting the urge to rubberneck, various law enforcement agencies have come up with some pretty creative solutions to save us from our own morbid curiosity. One idea that is catching on is the use of screens; physical barriers that police can set up around accident scenes that prevent passers-by from gawking at potentially gruesome roadside sights. These barriers, such as the SRN 1000 privacy barrier system, consist of large tripods that, once unfolded, have weather-resistant screens attached to them, effectively blocking the crash site from those driving by. This lets emergency crews do their jobs without additional accidents happening. 

Rubbernecking and Its Effect on Florida Car Accidents

Rubberneckers are a hazard, just like any other distracted driver. They cause accidents and traffic jams. Keeping collisions out of the public eye is also useful to first responders and paramedics who need to keep lanes clear for police vehicles, fire engines, and ambulances. 

Distracted Drivers Cause Rear-End Collisions

Humans are inquisitive, so it isn’t surprising that people have a natural tendency to look when they come across an accident, even when it’s to their own detriment. The problem this creates is that distracted drivers become unaware of other hazards around them, like the car in front of them slowing down or coming to a sudden stop.

Common Accidents Caused by Rubbernecking

  • Rear-ending the vehicle in front of you
  • Swerving into the other lane to avoid a rear-end accident and colliding with an oncoming car
  • Rear-ending a car that has just rear-ended a car, inciting a multi-vehicle accident

Car accidents take place in the blink of an eye. Taking your eyes off the roadway, even for a few seconds, can result in serious injuries and financial ruin. Keep yourself and those in your vehicle safe by suppressing the urge to stare at car accidents or any other roadside anomalies. If you notice that a driver near you is distracted, be sure to give them plenty of space and get away from them as soon as possible.

Our Tampa personal injury attorneys are well-informed on all state laws and are able to determine which of these options is available to you for your crash-related injuries.

Being involved in an injury accident will probably cause you to consider what legal rights you have and how you can obtain the financial compensation you deserve for hospital bills, missed income, and other financial damages.

Car Accident Attorneys in Tampa

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