Right on Red a Major Hazard for Florida Pedestrians

Right on Red a Major Hazard for Florida Pedestrians

One of the most vulnerable spots for a Florida pedestrian is trying to get across an intersection where automobiles are allowed to make a righthand turn on a red light, even when they have both a crosswalk and a walk signal, and therefore the right of way.  

Making a right on red at an intersection that permits them might be legal in the state of Florida, but it is necessary, given the dangers involved, to understand precisely when you, as a driver, can safely make this type of turn, especially when there are pedestrians in the area.  

On the other side of things, this is also a huge safety problem that pedestrians need to be aware of given that when all is said and done, a negligent driver is not the one most likely to be injured should an accident take place. Pedestrians are far more vulnerable and far more likely to sustain injuries or be killed in an accident involving a motor vehicle.   

Florida Law About Turning Right on Red

7.01 Right on Red a Major Hazard for Florida Pedestrians

According to Florida driving laws, motorists are expected to come to a full stop at the unbroken white line that you find at every intersection prior to pulling out into an intersection or into a crosswalk to make a turn in an intersection that allows for a right on red.  Motorists may then continue to make their designed turn provided there is no sign prohibiting a right on red. If, however, an intersection has a sign, then drivers are, of course, prohibited from making a right on red, no matter if traffic is clear or not. 

Pedestrians Are Their Own Best Protection

As a pedestrian, you are in a better position than anyone else around you to make sure that you stay safe.  Even when you are granted the right of way at a crosswalk, you should always take time prior to stepping into an intersection and always look both ways before you try and cross the street, especially where drivers are allowed to make a righthand turn on a red light.  

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