Proving Your Pain & Suffering After an Accident

Proving Your Pain & Suffering After an Accident

Causes of Pain and Suffering Cases

The culprit behind all pain and suffering cases is negligence. The carelessness of an employee/citizen that leads to severe discomfort or worse is the basis behind every case. Common causes behind such scenarios include:

  • Failure of employees to display wet floor signs
  • Being attacked by the pet of an irresponsible owner
  • The irresponsible driving of a fellow motorist leading to personal injury.
  • Being injured by the faulty construction of a building

The number of possible scenarios in which you may be liable for a personal injury claim is endless. However, anytime that your way of life is heavily impacted by the incompetence of someone else, you deserve proper compensation as well as representation.  

The Two Types of Pain and Suffering Cases

Physically being unable to enjoy your former day to day activities fall under legit reasons to file a personal injury claim. Not being able to play with your children the same way or missing precious hours of work are just a few examples of physical pain and suffering. Whether your symptoms are predicted to last for a few months or years, you’re still entitled to a Florida personal injury lawyerProving Your Pain and Suffering

Being mentally distressed is also grounds for a pain and suffering case. If you’re suffering from extreme forms of anxiety/depression after that near-fatal car accident, your distress shouldn’t go unnoticed. Damage to your mental health can have long-lasting/devastating effects on your personal life. While mental pain and suffering may not be as apparent as other forms of injury, the trauma experience is just as impactful.  

Proving Your Pain and Suffering

In order to prove your pain and suffering, you have to provide enough evidence that your suffering was the direct result of the accused. In Floridian Slip & Fall cases, for instance, one must prove that the accused had knowledge of the hazard before the accident or that the accused caused the accident themselves. Similar to most court-related disputes, enough evidence and liability must be demonstrated/proven in order to convenience the courtroom to take your side. 

Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer

If for whatever reason you find yourself the victim of someone’s negligence, you have a Tampa personal injury lawyer that you can turn to. Fulgencio Law features lawyers that have a combined 60 years of experience just waiting to assist you! Not only that, but Fulgencio Law also features client-friendly practices that are guaranteed to earn your trust and goodwill.

Fulgencio Law; a Tampa, Florida based law firm, is one that specializes in personal service for all clients. Each and every client is given the undivided and professional attention they deserve from the best lawyers in the Tampa Bay area. With national and international experts on our side, you’re guaranteed quality service like no other. The benefits of doing business with us include:  

  • No upfront fees.
  • 100% Attorney Involvement.
  • Invaluable years of legal experience pertaining to a variety of practice areas.

If you’re in need of a Tampa personal injury lawyer, call Fulgencio Law at (813) 463-0123.



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