Pedestrian Accident Claims in Florida: Legal Considerations and Safety Tips

Pedestrian Accident Claims in Florida: Legal Considerations and Safety Tips

Getting out and walking or jogging can be both enjoyable and healthy, but when you have to navigate the roadway, as most people do, then you also have to worry about cars that are driving near you. Drivers have a duty to operate their vehicles in a manner that is safe so that they do not harm others. This includes other drivers and pedestrians. As a result, drivers should never drive while intoxicated, or when they are too tired, they should avoid distractions, and avoid speeding. Still, with more than six million car accidents happening every year in the United States, there is no shortage of negligent drivers that cause massive destruction and death. 

If you are a pedestrian and you are hit by a car, you could suffer considerable catastrophic physical bodily harm. When a car hits a pedestrian, a pedestrian should not delay in seeking legal counsel and speaking with an attorney. One of the ways to improve the chances of success with a personal injury claim and recovering the highest amount of compensation is to start the process quickly and not wait. An attorney can assess your accident experience, estimate its worth, and get to work for you so that you can keep your focus on your path to recovering from your injuries.

Pedestrian Safety in Florida

Pedestrian Accident Claims in Florida: Legal Considerations and Safety TipsDrivers should always use caution while driving especially around pedestrians. Though, pedestrians can also be proactive with their safety when out and about. For starters, using the sidewalk when available is always a good idea. This is because walking on the sidewalk keeps a pedestrian off of the road and further away from traffic.

Another tip would be to always be alert and attentive to surroundings. Sure, it is expected that drivers are focused on driving but just in case they are not, or under the influence, a pedestrian that has situational awareness while out has a better chance of reacting appropriately to unexpected and changing situations. That means, avoiding looking at or using one’s phone while walking, choosing not to use earbuds for music, etc.

Another action that a pedestrian can take to stay safe is to make sure they are highly visible and seen. Wearing bright-colored clothing or reflective material can make a pedestrian easier to see for drivers. This is especially true during inclement weather conditions and at night. When it is dark out, using a flashlight is also good practice.

Before crossing a road, don’t just assume the driver is seeing you or following the rules of the road and yielding or stopping at stop signs, for example. Make sure to look at the driver to see if they are making an attempt to slow down and stop and that they look back at you so you know that they see you too.

Finally, keeping identification on your person when you are out can also be helpful should an accident happen. Identification allows your loved ones to be alerted of your condition and situation faster than if first responders do not know who you are.

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Pedestrian safety measures are incredibly important but they are not foolproof. Accidents happen and when you have been hit by a car, you need to take full advantage of your rights to compensation. For more information and assistance with a claim, please call a Tampa personal injury attorney at Fulgencio Law at (813) 463-0123 to schedule a free consultation.


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