Navigating Insurance Claims for Property Damage in Florida

Navigating Insurance Claims for Property Damage in Florida

If you have been in an injury accident like a car accident in Florida, you will likely be distressed over the damage that is done to your vehicle. Vehicle repair costs can be expensive and depending on how extensive the damage is, a car can be in the shop for a prolonged period of time and the final bill can be extremely high. 

Filing a property damage claim can help pay for the destruction that happened to your vehicle in this situation. A property damage claim may be able to pay for repairs or when the damage is substantial, a replacement. 

Steps To Take When Filing a Property Damage Claim in Florida

Navigating Insurance Claims for Property Damage in FloridaWhen filing a property damage claim in Florida, you may use either your own insurance or another party’s insurance. But before a claim is filed for financial compensation, there are some things to do first.

  1. Make sure that everyone involved in the accident is unharmed or if there are severe injuries, that emergency first responders are called to get these individuals prompt medical attention. 
  2. Once safety and emergency personnel have been notified that there was an accident, exchange information with other drivers involved in the crash. You will want the other driver’s license plate number, insurance information, and their name.
  3. Talk to witnesses who may be present and ask them if they would be willing to provide their contact information.
  4. Take account of the accident scene by taking photos or videos. Then, as soon as one has the ability after an accident, write down what happened before your memory becomes blurry and details are lost.
  5. Contact your insurance company and inform them of the incident.
  6. Determine what the cost will be to have your car fixed or replaced. Gather a few estimates to best understand the true costs of repairs.
  7. Decide if you are going to use your own insurance or the other party’s insurance to file a claim.
    1. Choosing your insurance: You would access your collision or uninsured motorist coverage. 
    2. Choosing the other party’s insurance: When another party caused your accident, then filing a claim with their insurance company may make sense. Florida’s property damage insurance laws say that drivers must have at least $10,000 in coverage. If the cost of repairing your vehicle is more than the coverage of the other driver, then it may be a better option to use your own insurance if you have the supplemental coverage.  

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Figuring out the right way to approach a property damage claim can be confusing and difficult. For example, when another party caused the property damage then using their insurance could make the most sense, that is, unless, you are not able to wait to have the repairs done. In this scenario, for time’s sake, using your own insurance may be a better option.

For help with a property damage claim in Florida, you are welcome to reach out and call a Tampa property damage attorney at Fulgencio Law at (813) 463-0123 to schedule a free consultation.


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