Most Common Personal Injury Claims after the Thanksgiving Holiday

Most Common Personal Injury Claims after the Thanksgiving Holiday

If you are prepared, packed, and ready to head out and travel to see loved ones and friends, then you are not alone during this Thanksgiving holiday season. Your focus may be only on the good times you are looking forward to with others and considering all of the things you have been grateful for all year. The last thing you may be thinking about is being injured in an accident caused by negligence. But, just because the holidays are supposed to bring joy, that doesn’t mean they can’t bring the pain. 

When negligence is the reason why you were injured, it may be possible to take legal action as a result. For assistance with a personal injury claim in Florida, please reach out to a Tampa personal injury attorney at Fulgencio Law.

What Accidents Happen Most Often Over the Thanksgiving Holiday?

Most Common Personal Injury Claims after the Thanksgiving HolidayYou may be prepared for a good time over the Thanksgiving holiday and this is to be expected. But, there are certain risks that are elevated over the holiday to be aware of. Some of them include:

Food Poisoning

Usually, food is at the center of the holidays and tends to be the featured event during Thanksgiving in particular. If you are eating at another person’s home or if you are out to eat at a restaurant, food contamination may lead to food poisoning. Depending on the harm that you suffered from food poisoning and how the toxic food was prepared may mean that you have a case to make a personal injury claim.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can cause a great deal of physical bodily harm. Slip and fall accidents can also be deadly given the right circumstances. Whether it is a spill on the floor making it slippery, wet and slick conditions on the ground, or other hazards present on a property, a slip and fall accident can be a serious situation. When a property is not maintained and a property owner does not keep their premises reasonably safe, they may be liable for slip and fall accidents.

Car Accidents

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is called “Blackout Wednesday” due to the marked, increase in alcohol consumption that takes place. Thanksgiving itself is also a holiday that is associated with alcohol intake. As a result, during Thanksgiving, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that travelers have a 55% increased risk that they will come across a drunk driver more so than at other times during the year.

Injuries from Fires

There is a lot of cooking that happens over the holidays and on Thanksgiving day. This means that there is a greater chance of a kitchen fire happening or an electrical fire when the electrical load on outlets rises due to decorations. 

Speak to an Attorney at Fulgencio Law

Being aware of the potential perils of the holiday season can help you stay keen on unsafe practices and dangerous situations so you can avoid an injury accident. However, if you are hurt or if someone you love suffers an injury over the Thanksgiving holiday, you may call Fulgencio Law at (813) 463-0123 to schedule a free consultation to go over your accident experience.


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