Genelle Catania

Genelle Catania


Fulgencio Law is proud to introduce Genelle Catania as our new Chief Operations Officer. 

Genelle joins our team with over 25 years of experience in law office management and development operations. She was born and raised in the state of Florida and has resided in the Tampa Bay Area for the last 30 years. She finds her absolute joy and pleasure in raising and spending time with her three beautiful daughters. 

Not only does Genelle have an extensive background in the personal injury industry, establishing law firms, and rebuilding other practices, but she has also had the unique experience of consulting with companies in different industries including:

  • Fulfillment
  • Home Entertainment
  • International IT Services and Management.  

Genelle is a certified Florida paralegal and has practiced on the side of the insurance company’s defense, but now she’s an advocate for the plaintiff. She understands the importance of talking to a plaintiff about considering maximizing the benefits and compensation they can receive as a result of their case.

A philosophy that Genelle applies in everything she does is “if you organize, you will expand”. One of her proudest accomplishments was increasing the operations in one industry in just 6 months with her unique approach to facilities management and organization. Her strong drive to organize and operate a business for the generations of today and for the generations to come helped us come to the decision that she would be a valuable addition to our team. 

Genelle enjoys giving back to the community and applying her organizational skills while doing so. She is currently involved in charitable auctions that she chairs and has exceeded the contributions to the charity each year throughout her tenure.