Medical Expenses Commonly Associated with Car Accidents

Medical Expenses Commonly Associated with Car Accidents

Car accidents can cause a significant amount of physical bodily harm and, many times, these incidents are fatal. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that on a yearly basis, crash injuries require Americans to spend over one million days in the hospital. Medical expenses can be quite high to treat injuries that happen by way of traffic accidents. For example, in 2012 alone, the cost of medical care after crashes that took place across the country was $18 billion.

Due to the severe injuries and necessary medical treatment to care for such harm required after an accident, it is important for victims to have assistance with their bills. It could be possible for a victim to file a personal injury claim and include the cost of medical treatment that they received.

Filing a personal injury claim can be complicated and involved, however, and properly valuing a claim and building one that is true to your total losses takes experience. This is why for victims of car accidents in Florida, the Tampa car accident attorneys at Fulgencio Law are here to help with every step of the personal injury claim process.

Types of Medical Costs After a Car Accident

Medical Expenses Commonly Associated with Car AccidentsA car accident can cause victims to need various types of medical treatment with some medical services more expensive than others. For example, surgery or multiple surgeries will cost a victim much more than simple stitches. Typically, the more catastrophic the car accident the greater the physical bodily harm and then, the medical care that is necessary to recover and heal.

Medical expenses commonly found in car accident injury claims include:

  • Time spend in hospitals
  • The use of emergency medical helicopters and ambulances
  • Different types of rehabilitation services like physical or cognitive
  • Mental health treatment
  • Prescription drugs and medications
  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Doctor appointments
  • Transportation costs to get to and from medical appointments
  • Surgeries

It can cost thousands for just one trip to the emergency room. If extended hospitalization is necessary, those costs could be as high as $50,000 and well into $100,000 depending on a victim’s needs. Some specialty medications cost hundreds to over $1,000 per dose.

When you file a personal injury claim, it is important to keep track of all of your medical expenses. Holding on to medical bills, journaling about your pain and suffering from your injuries, keeping receipts from prescriptions, and recording your mileage related to medical care will all be helpful in putting a correct number for your complete medical costs.

Speak with Florida Car Accident Attorney Today

Medical expenses are only one part of the average personal injury claim. Often there are many other damages like pain and suffering, property damages, and even compensation for missed wages while away from work. Due to the many costs that follow a car accident, it is imperative that victims are able to obtain the full amount of compensation owed to them.

For help with your personal injury claim or for assistance understanding what your claim is worth, call the Tampa personal injury lawyers at Fulgencio Law to schedule a free consultation at (813) 463-0123.

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