Legal Implications of Autonomous Vehicle Accidents

Legal Implications of Autonomous Vehicle Accidents

Technology continues to advance, and it is a big part of our lives. As time passes, our lives will likely revolve around and depend on it more and more in the future. This includes driverless cars. Most of the major car manufacturers are researching and working on developing their own models, and there is plenty of public interest in such vehicles. The Brookings Institute says that by 2040, autonomous vehicles will make up as much as 25% of the global market.

While autonomous vehicles could have the potential to make the roads safer, nothing is foolproof. What happens if there are still car accidents, even with the use of autonomous vehicles?

The legal implications of using these cars pose the biggest questions surrounding autonomous vehicles.

Who’s Fault is it When there is an Autonomous Vehicle Crash?

Legal Implications of Autonomous Vehicle AccidentsThere could be many parties that may be responsible for a car accident with autonomous vehicles. It could be the driver in the car, the car’s software, or even the car itself if it was manufactured incorrectly or if a part was faulty. There are myriad of questions that can arise around the legalities when an autonomous vehicle crash happens.

There is an understanding that driverless cars could become the norm and as a result, legislation regarding how to handle this up-and-coming technology has begun. For instance, legislation has been introduced in many states regarding driverless vehicles and the number of states that are making laws to deal with these cars is growing. 

It isn’t just the states that are taking time to look at autonomous vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has developed guidelines for driverless vehicles and recently, the Senate has also been interested in enacting legislation. Legal minds, as well, are playing a part in helping lawmakers and government entities come up with their rules and policies.

There are many unknowns when it comes to driving autonomous vehicles and what their impact will be on society. Nevertheless, it appears there is no stopping their development and they will eventually be prevalent on our roads. When this will happen is unclear but one thing is for sure, before cars with this advanced technology become commonplace and available for all consumers, there is still much to iron out.

Each year there are more than six million car accidents throughout the United States. And even though car accidents are so frequent, navigating legal claims for compensation is often quite complicated. This is true for car accidents where vehicles are driven by actual humans, not computers. When the shoe is on the other foot and smart technology is largely at the helm, should a crash happen, it hardly seems as if related legal claims will be any easier to hash out.

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